Elena Berkova married again

Елена Беркова снова вышла замуж

The star of “House-2” and adult film Elena Berkova and her boyfriend, actor of the TV series Andrey Stoyanov, became husband and wife. Celebrity formalized their relationship signed in the Gagarin registry office of Moscow on 2 June.

As it became known to journalists, the couple not only invited their friends and relatives in the painting, but even hid this fact from them. Andrew just posted on his page in the social network, which has a radiant smile.
“On June 2. there is a reason…..” — he wrote under the photo, and the inquiries of subscribers will, what is this about this, said, “the Secret)”. It is possible that the husband and wife soon after all celebrating loudly, rolling his noisy party. Stepan Menshikov, a friend of the newly-made family, said that he was invited to the wedding of Helen and Andrew as toastmaster. In fact, the public learned about the upcoming event.
Notably, / she called Stoyanov to marry.
“In the circumstances I had to make him an offer, had to ask if he marries me,” said Elena. This haste was due to a court showdown with her ex-husband, a stripper Ivan Bajkovym for their child. Berkova has managed to strip a man of parental rights, and now he is going to adopt Andrew.