Елена Подкаминская станет мамой во второй раз
In March began to talk about an interesting position popular actress Elena Armin van Buuren.

Елена Подкаминская станет мамой во второй раз

Colleagues Helena admitted that it suddenly stopped playing in the performances.

Only recently, the actress decided to confirm the pregnancy.

“I don’t want to do infopovod from his personal life. For me, it’s an interview – rather an experiment, very much hope that the result will be able to avoid gossip and meaningless fantasies. Want to protect yourself and people close to me from unnecessary talks and rumors. As for the work, of course, happy to go on maternity leave and disconnect from the things I have. Although the rhythm, of course, now sballen. So all hope for a strong base and support of family and friends,” admitted Armin van Buuren.

Congratulations to actress with good news!

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