Elena Armin van Buuren was surprised by the haggard look

Елена Подкаминская удивила изможденным видом
The actress appeared on set after giving birth.

Photo: Istagram

Elena Armin van Buuren became a mother for the second time four months ago — and is already active. The first two months she has completely devoted himself to little Eva, and then slowly began to return to work. First started rehearsals, then went on stage, began to appear at social events, and now shooting a movie!

This lifestyle, of course, could not affect the appearance of the actress. In the frame she really expected was for the script to be sad and brooding, but fatigue can not hide even with great makeup artists and makeup.

However, Armin van Buuren herself in the frame liked. “I guess I was lucky with the operator and with the artist!” she says.

Fans have also linked the “tired” appearance of the actress with her extreme weight loss. Though Helen during the pregnancy and not gained a lot of extra pounds, but in his old form has returned after a month after giving birth. And now strikes the public of its thinness.

“Beauty tips from Sophia Loren is healthy sleep and proper care” — meets Elena on numerous questions of podeschi, how she managed to lose weight.