Elena Armin van Buuren spent months to make friends with the daughter of the chosen one

Елена Подкаминская потратила месяцы, чтобы подружить дочь с избранником The actress told how Pauline reacted to the change in the life of the mother. According to Elena Armin van Buuren, had to do a lot of work to explain to the child why she went with her father and met another man.

The star of the show “Kitchen” Elena Armin van Buuren rarely tells reporters about his personal life. In memory of the actress still fresh memories of how many rumors emerged in the press after her divorce from businessman Alexander Placeim. However, she recently gave a Frank interview in which he said that he is happy with a new man and expecting his child. Elena Armin van Buuren announced the second pregnancy

According to Armin van Buuren, she prefers not to advertise their relationship. “He was against the invasion of our personal space,” – said the actress. Celebrity says that after the divorce, was devastated and didn’t even believe in love.

The Armin van Buuren a daughter Polina, who was difficult to perceive all changes in the life of the mother. According to the star, she tried to explain to the heiress of the situation.

“Of course, Polina’s now a lot of questions, she is trying to understand the new circumstances. If you knew, what quantity of months around this topic lined up a great job. My dad, big thanks to him, has created a whole cycle of tales that metaphorically, not directly open to Polina’s sense of change in our lives, and Polina understood and surprisingly responded to it. My choice is also an intelligent man and intelligent, he very wisely builds his relationship with Pauline” – shared Elena.

According to celebrity, the child is not deprived of attention and care from both parents. Elena and her former husband managed to maintain friendly relations, so dad takes an active part in the life of the daughter. Every morning before Armin van Buuren wakes up from shouting Pauline asks her to prepare Breakfast. The woman claims that she dreams about a vacation on the beach, however, it is unknown when will be able to implement the plans.

“And here to stay and leave in the decree, as it is normal women, I just will not succeed. So one hope for strong back and support the loved ones,” said Armin van Buuren.

In the education of her daughter Elena tries to be moderately severe. However, the star never imposes on the successor classes, that she is not interested. For example, as told by a celebrity in an interview with “OK!” she did not force her to do ballet because he believes that the teachers failed to captivate the child.