Елена Подкаминская тайно вышла замуж The actress combined bonds of marriage with the father of her child. Elena Armin van Buuren and Dennis Gushchin has arranged a quiet celebration in the family circle. They chose a simple wedding ring made of yellow gold and without any decorations.
Елена Подкаминская тайно вышла замуж

In one of capital registry offices at the end of last year, the star of the series “Kitchen” and the Comedy “what men talk About” secretly legalized relationship with businessman Denis Goushchin. About the joyous event, the couple chose not to spread by sharing only with family and close friends.

“Yes, Helen and Denis really were married, – has confirmed “StarHit” Antonina Avilov, the Manager of the actress. – Engagement rings chose the most simple, yellow gold, and without any decorations. After painting quietly celebrated the event at home in a circle of relatives”.

38-year-old Armin van Buuren and 39-year-old Gushchin met at the festival “Kinotavr” in Sochi two years ago. Then the actress for several months, as a completed divorce proceedings with her first husband – businessman Alexander Placeim that plagued her with bouts of jealousy.

Between Elena and Denis at once broke out feelings, the man managed to find common language and make friends with the daughter of a chosen one, Pauline. Very Armin van Buuren admitted that the whole family helped the girl to get used to the new beloved mother, her father even came up with a series of fairy tales, to metaphorically explain the Pauline sense of change in her life.

When she was told that soon it will have a sister, she would very happy to hear this news. In August, the couple became parents to one of the elite clinics of Moscow, they had a daughter called eve. The actress quickly got into shape and went back to work, but any free minute they carried Denis with her daughters.

As recalled by Armin van Buuren, after the appearance of a child into the world, she, like many women, faced with some difficulties. “When you have the baby, eye drops. And with a head not very good, by the way. There may be problems with speech, memory, but during lactation it is normal, the woman is self-absorbed, child. But it has a lot of love, tenderness, joy, happiness. Yes, still want to sleep totally. Here I have picked and come to you” – shared Elena.