Elena Armin van Buuren for the first time, the photo showed the younger daughter

Елена Подкаминская впервые показала фото младшей дочки
From a five-month of eve appeared favorite toy.

Photo: @Instagram podkaminskaya_official Elena Armin van Buuren

In August last year, Elena Armin van Buuren celebrated the new addition to the family. The actress became a mother for the second time, giving birth to another girl. After the baby, she quickly returned to the “system”: start to perform in the theater and began shooting in new projects. Their newborn daughter Elena protects from attention and shows to the General public.

Only today, social networks were the first the eve. To be more precise, not the eve, but only its handles. Many stars who took the decision not to expose children under a certain age, it is very difficult to restrain the desire to share their happiness with others. Here and Armin van Buuren that is overwhelmed with maternal love, wanted to show the fans though to be part of the “miracle” that happened five months ago in her life.

The photo, posted, by the way, and shows the favorite toy eve, and, concurrently, a symbol of 2018, according to the Chinese calendar. “And let say the year of the Dog will come on the Chinese calendar only February 16! We were already on one leg and the tail,” jokes Elena.

Your relationship with the father of a newborn daughter Elena also can’t stand the audience. Shortly before the birth, she admitted that her choice is far from the world of show business and this immensely pleased her. According to rumors, the father of Eva, Denis, concerned the sphere of construction. Elena is growing up and even six-year-old Polina from civil marriage with businessman Alexander Plantevin. The girl was very happy on the birth of a younger sister and tries to help her mother with concerns about little Eva.

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