Елена Подкаминская с трудом передвигается из-за травмы The star of the show “Kitchen” was injured. Elena Armin van Buuren posted a photo with a bandaged foot. The trouble with health brought the actress a lot of inconvenience, but to refuse to work the star did not.

      Елена Подкаминская с трудом передвигается из-за травмы

      Elena Armin van Buuren disappointed his fans. Today the followers of the star found in her microblog new photos, which shows that their favorite actress had a little accident. The picture shows Elena posing, standing on one leg. The second her foot tied with medical bandage.

      About what happened, Armin van Buuren did not tell. However, she shared with subscribers of their new sensations. It turns out that trauma causes the star a lot of inconvenience. The actress has decided not to refuse the job due to health problems.

      “Play with one hand. #nerabotosposobnosti, #reciprocals, #dniprostal” – jokingly wrote to Armin van Buuren in the microblog.

      “Honey, what’s wrong?”, “Wow, what happened to you? Get well soon”, “it is Important that the left leg is denied! Take care of yourself! We need you alive,” “You this heat comes! I want to drop everything and come quietly for the camera to hold you while You are on one leg will do”, “Elena I love you. Watching The Kitchen. Get well, Skill not spend on drink! Now get out of the van and will play like a God,” he supported Elena fans in the comments.

      Apparently, the health of the actress is not in danger. Although now Armin van Buuren continues to go to work and to please fans with new pictures in social networks.

      We will remind, not so long ago in the personal life of a star of the TV series “Kitchen” had a change of heart. Elena broke up with husband Alexander Placeim. Married to a businessman, the actress was born daughter Pauline. Now Elena wants to regain the family fortune is to find a decent man and become a mom again.

      Elena Armin van Buuren is dreaming again become a mother

      “What woman does not dream to give birth to a beautiful baby boy who will grow into a real handsome man? And Pauline would have been happy. I myself am the only child of his parents, but always dreamed of a big family! – said Armin van Buuren in an interview with reporters. All the people are happy. If it happens to me it is a miracle or not, who knows… But I’d really like to say the words: “Hello, happiness!”

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