Елена Подкаминская перестала прятать младшую дочку
Eva was the debut of the Network.

Daughter Elena Armin Van Buuren

Photo: @Instagram podkaminskaya_official Elena Armin van Buuren

Elena Armin van Buuren protects the younger daughter of media attention and fans. Therefore, until recently, no outsider has ever seen eve, who in a month will be one year. The actress decided that she was old enough to debut in front of an audience of the social networks and published the first grown-up daughters.

Elena stopped to hide 11-month-old eve from fans, but still not ready to show her face. It is possible that the Armin van Buuren hides the appearance of the girls at the request of her husband, Denis Guschin. Unlike his wife, who debt profession is forced to tell everyone the details of his personal life, he leads a private life: avoiding social networks and does not give interviews to the press.

The actress has skillfully manage to combine work and motherhood. And soon she will manage to exhale: Elena started to leave. “Who ended the theatre season?! I have! — said Elena. — Happiness! It was a joy to work on the New stage of the Vakhtangov theater this season!” Now she can devote all her free time caring for two daughters. Recall that little Eva has an older sister, Pauline, which Elena gave birth in marriage with Alexander Placeim.