Elena Armin van Buuren announced the second pregnancy

Елена Подкаминская заявила о второй беременности The actress shared the happy news with reporters. The star of the show “Kitchen” decided on a Frank admission about his personal life. Elena Armin van Buuren has confirmed that it plans to become a mother for the second time, and told about the father of her child.

In March, fans of the 38-year-old actress Elena Armin van Buuren suspected her second pregnancy. The actress was said to her colleagues, suddenly stopped playing in the performances, which caused discussion of their possible interesting situation. Fans of Elena also noticed that she prefers clothes with a boxy fit. The last time Armin van Buuren increasingly publishes in Instagram pictures, which she captured in spacious clothes, not hampering.

Some time a celebrity has refrained from commenting about the speculation that appeared in the Network. Elena preferred not to speak about possible changes in his life, but the actress recently made an exception and spoke for the first time about her second pregnancy. Armin van Buuren admitted that he really plans to become a mom again. During the conversation with journalists Elena also explained why not informed the public about a happy event.

“I don’t want to do infopovod from his personal life. For me, it’s an interview – rather an experiment, very much hope that the result will be able to avoid gossip and meaningless fantasies. Want to protect yourself and people close to me from unnecessary talks and rumors. As for the work, of course, happy to go on maternity leave and disconnect from the things I have. Although the rhythm, of course, now sballen. So all hope for a strong base and support of relatives”, – shared the actress.

In addition, in a recent interview Elena Armin van Buuren said about the father of the second child. The actress revealed that her choice is not a celebrity. “He was not interested in publicity, and he was against the invasion of our personal space. To confuse the red carpet with family life, we do not plan”, – said the woman.

Add that the star of the popular TV series “Kitchen” brings the charming Pauline, who was born in 2010. The girl’s father was a businessman Alexander, who works in construction.

In 2015, it became known that the couple decided to separate. The divorce process proceeded quietly. Elena and Alexander has quickly settled it. “Lena I’m jealous of the men who surround her, to fans and colleagues. It is a pity that it happened. But perhaps it would be better for her. We decided that in any case, we’ll stay in the warm and friendly relations,” shared the man with “StarHit”.

Until recently, Armin van Buuren chose not to tell you about a new relationship. To avoid gossip, the actress has decided to give an interview to OK! magazine, which frankly told about his personal life.