Elect Teona Dolnikova insists her divorce with the American husband

Избранник Теоны Дольниковой настаивает на ее разводе с американским мужем It turned out that the actress has a spouse who lives abroad. The father of the child of Dolnikova Maxim Shchegolev can’t make the relationship with the beloved, until she terminates the marriage in the United States.
Избранник Теоны Дольниковой настаивает на ее разводе с американским мужем

A few months ago, the actress Teona Dolnikova became a mother. A little over a year the star is found with Maxim Shchegolev, who is the father of the child. The couple lives together, but yet the chosen one did not offer the beloved. Earlier, the actor was already married and lived with a colleague on the scene Alla Kazakova.

In one joint interview Theon and Maksim talked about their relationship and parenting of a young son Luke. According to Dolnikova, many years ago she lived in America and was married. Maksim was very surprised that she is still not divorced. Shchegolev wants to make beloved proposal of marriage, but it stops the moment.

“First, Theon needs to get a divorce,” – said Shchegolev.

Dolnikova argues that marriage, designed in the United States is not valid in Russia, but her partner continues to insist on the termination of the relationship women have with Josh. By the way, the actress still maintains contact with a foreign husband.

Избранник Теоны Дольниковой настаивает на ее разводе с американским мужем“We’ll come to America with Maxim, that he met with Josh and his entire family. In my life there are no people with whom I am in some kind of hostile relationship, thank God. Josh absolutely amazing family, his parents love me, write every day, asking how Luke, like Maxim,” – said Dolnikova.

Lovers do not believe that the stamp in the passport will change a lot. Theon explains that it was a difficult period in my life, so it has not processed the divorce. We will remind, in 2014 during the tour died of a stroke, her fiancé Nikita. The star of the musical “Crime and punishment” very grieved at the loss of a loved one. Teona Dolnikova: “Everyone deals with grief in their own way”

“The last few years I generally didn’t care what was going on. After the death of Nikita I have everything happened on the machine. I worked to not just go crazy, I had a lot of performances and there was virtually no free time. On stage, I poured everything that happened to me. Fortunately I still have these roles at gap, I “died” every night. Oddly enough, it worked for me: death on the stage helped to live on,” Theon admitted in an interview with “OK!”.