Избранник Татьяны Овсиенко хочет встретиться с наставником перед венчанием
In early may, the singer Tatyana Ovsienko finally waited the release of his beloved Alexandra Merkulova from prison, where he spent 10 months.

Избранник Татьяны Овсиенко хочет встретиться с наставником перед венчанием

At the moment the lovers try to hold each other as much as possible and are already preparing for the big event.

In a recent interview with reporters, the couple admitted that they are going to get married.

“Honestly, for me, more important than the wedding, we have already started to prepare for it, – said Ovsienko. – Initially wanted to perform the rite in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, where my Confessor, but because of the situation with Ukraine is impossible. I recently went to the Tolga women’s monastery, it stands on the banks of the Volga in the Yaroslavl region. Was obedience, communicated with the abbess Barbara. We’re getting married there. And to go to the registry office doesn’t want to. I will ask his spiritual father, that we were allowed to pass the sacrament without a stamp in the passport.

Sasha will go to the hermit, who for many years lives in a cave near Ryazan. This man also spent sometime in jail, but then came to God, leads a modest, solitary life. We were amazed by his story.”

Tatiana was waiting for her lover out of prison and always hoped that in the future they still will be fine.

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