Избранник Маши Политовой готовился к свадьбе
Three months ago, has not become a former participant of the home country telestroke Maria Natalia Politov, who has completed suicide.

Избранник Маши Политовой готовился к свадьбе

Yesterday she would have turned 31, and on this day, the civil husband of Mary Artem Shnurov posted a candid post on the personal page of Natalia Politov, which moved all its subscribers.

Избранник Маши Политовой готовился к свадьбе

“On that fateful day when she disappeared – said the man – I was sitting at work and chose an engagement ring. Today, on our first anniversary, I was going to propose to her. I was sure that we have a whole life ahead. The time will come and I’ll tell you what happened, why that future was destroyed. Not today, but soon.”

Recall that Tom wrote a statement to the police about the disappearance of the beloved, but a few days later she was found near cottages and grandparents.

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