Elect Marina Afrikantov called the reason for a possible separation

Избранник Марины Африкантовой назвал причину возможного расставания Roman Kapakli unhappy lover. He didn’t like that the girl is not ready to change for him. Marina, in turn, often encourages a guy to work on yourself and stop telling her what to do.

Marina Afrikantov and Roman Kapakli considered one of the most beautiful couples of the TV project “Dom-2”. Recently, however, between them and frequent quarrels. The girl wants to change boy, but she is not prepared to adapt to it. Recently Marina insulted the beloved, calling it a “strict father”. Roman believes that if they continue to communicate well, it will lead to separation.

“She imposed the team that I’m acting like an expectant father. She is “ate” and started to blame me for that! Do you know what is the role of a strict father? It lies in the fact that in 12 hours the night after the show, Marina says, “I want to drink coffee!”I said, “No, Marina, you’re drinking coffee don’t, because we go to sleep now, 12 hours drinking coffee is bad”…When she drinks three energy a day, I tell her that she didn’t do it, because it is harmful,” – said Roman.

In addition, the participant “House-2” periodically asks Roma to control her in other aspects. The girl is constantly struggling for a slender figure, why deprive yourself of Goodies. She asks Capably not to give it is flour. “I’m in this situation she had of his mouth the sandwiches and she is mad! And this is mine, you see, the rigor with which she doesn’t want to put up. Rubbish!”- said Roman.

The young man believes that if this continues, they will have to leave. He doesn’t want to be a warden for the darling. Kapakli unhappy that the Marina does not work on their behavior. “If Marina will also continue the position that “you, the Roma come to me, and I will not, because I am easy on lifting, I’m always so frivolous, you chose me”, and I, Marina, too, so aggressive! Either you suck it up, or we both changed… And she even acknowledges the fact that will not change. Then we break up,” says the guy Woo a conversation with Dom2Life.