Elect Kathy Gordon turned out to be a big businessman

Избранник Кати Гордон оказался крупным бизнесменом The star shows the idyll of father and younger son. Kate Gordon has unveiled the beloved. A young woman, recently became a mother for the second time, intrigued by the subscribers, which it captured in the arms of an unknown man.

      Избранник Кати Гордон оказался крупным бизнесменом

      Singer, songwriter and businesswoman Kate Gordon February 19, became a mother for the second time. The star gave birth to a son, whom on the advice of the boy’s father called Seraphim.

      Kate Gordon changed the name of the child

      It should be noted that the entire pregnancy Kate Gordon was incredibly active. She continued to work in his law firm, participated in the project “the Voice”, gave concerts and often appeared in different talk shows. In a word, behaved quite openly, trying to be silent only one thing – about the father of her baby. Kate Gordon didn’t want to tell anyone about what, from whom she is expecting her second child, reserving the right to decide when to tell the world about your lover.

      And it seems that this day has come. The day before Kate placed in the microblog photo, which it captured in the company of men. The star has not commented on the ruling only an ellipsis. However, the frame speaks for itself – Gordon on it just lights up with happiness, tenderly clinging cheek his cavalier. And the question to one of podeschi, “is This him?” the young mother replied in the affirmative. However, later, your comment Catherine was removed.

      Despite the fact that the frame is only visible half of the face of the alleged elect Kathy Gordon, social media users recognized him as a big businessman, 45-year-old Igor Mecanica. He is known as one of the most successful entrepreneurs, international Internet business, is considered one of the forefathers of the Russian game market.

      Fans of Katie Gordon, who saw the touching photos in the microblogging, began to congratulate the star and wish her happiness.

      “A beautiful couple! Big love to you,” and “true happiness to you, Kate!”, “You look very similar as native blood!”, “Look good and type Katin” – admiringly responded subscribers Gordon.

      By the way, shortly before the birth of her second son, Kate Gordon admitted that not against a third marriage and even wanted to marry her chosen one. However, she believes that their relationship with the father of the child is still not proven. “If before I got married quickly, but now do not want to repeat the same mistake, – said Katya Gordon in an interview. My relationship with my current man lasted about a year. And no matter how developed our life on, you know one thing about children I do not regret going, even if we break up”.