Eldest daughter Anna Sedokova embarrassed

Старшей дочери Анны Седоковой стыдно за мать The actress admitted that her heiress is not easy. Anna Sedokova revealed details of the family relationships. It turned out that the first child of the singer – 12-year-old Alina – often protects the mother from the haters.

Popular singer Anna Sedokova has three children: Alina, Monica and the new baby Hector. She often publishes in the microblog photos and videos, which show in the company of the heirs. Star tries to be for the kids not only just mom, but a best friend. Recently, however, the woman admitted that she didn’t always have it easy in dealing with the eldest daughter.

Before Anna said that Alina began to be ashamed of. The girl asked the parent to cover some body parts on photos and behave a little more modest. According to star, the teenager tries to save his mother from criticism of ill-wishers.

“Remember, I did post, in which he used the phrase that the three of us, and we all have different names. Oh, how many in my stones after that abandoned, you yourself can not even imagine! What people said, and I just gave them a reason for insults. I saw correspondence Alina, where she protected me. The daughter wrote: “If anyone of you touch my family I will say all that you think about. I’ll never let you hurt my family”. And then I realized that the 12-year-old girl due to upheavals in my personal life, forced to defend himself. At this point I felt terribly right,” shared the actress.

By the way, is the celebrity believes that her relationships with men should have no effect on children. She admitted that a new partner gets on well with each of the heirs. The singer has invested heavily in the education of daughters, so they don’t even think to mock a new boyfriend mom or behave inappropriately. In addition, the girls try to help her in the care of his baby brother, Hector.

We will remind that the woman is already out of maternity leave and continues to build a career. He almost gets frustrated so early left the baby and returned to work. On the contrary, the artist is sure that for a newborn there’s nothing better than a happy mom. However, the beauty and tries so hard every spare second to spend with their children and beloved man.

By the way, Anna and her partner have long engaged, but a wedding date has not yet been appointed. She Sedokova admitted that the role of the bride she likes much more than the status of the official wife. After two marriages, she became much more serious approach to this issue. Now, the singer dreams that the third time was just right and forever. Recall that the name of the beloved and any information about this star prefers to keep secret.

“Because too much was showing before, but today it seems to me that it is wrong. Of course, I want to shout about love to tell stories, but I guess it’s time to just shut up. I admit, I feel so comfortable when nobody knows anything, and can only suspect,” – said Anna with a magazine Woman.ru.