Eks-the soloist “on-On” beat on the road

Экс-солиста «На-На» избили на гастролях Valeriy Yurin has received a serious head injury. The incident occurred in one of the cafes of Odessa, where he went with the girl. Bullies are not embarrassed that they got in a fight with the woman. The ex-vocalist of popular band was hit with a bottle of alcohol, and then began to beat feet.

      Экс-солиста «На-На» избили на гастролях

      The former participant of popular group “on-On” Valery Yurin in the last few years performing as a solo artist. Artist supported the idea of Joseph Kobzon, who has previously suggested his colleagues to travel to the Ukrainian Donetsk. Yurin arrived in Donetsk people’s Republic with humanitarian aid and entertainment show program. During the visit, the soloist was accompanied by his girlfriend Natalie stern.

      After Valery made in Donetsk, he decided to go to a music festival, which took place in Odessa. A man appeared at the event as a guest because you were worried for his safety. After the concert, Yurin and his fiancee went to one of the local cafes located on the waterfront.

      “Specifically found a quiet place where almost no one was there. Suddenly from somewhere appeared two guys. Took a bottle of vodka and sat down at our table. One was called Dima. Other – robic-Jan, – Valery told reporters.

      According to the artist, the guys are pretty drunk and began to insult the initiative of Joseph Kobzon. Valery not tolerate such remarks about a colleague on stage and reprimanded them. It really freaked the guys out. One of them grabbed a bottle of vodka and smashed her head on Yurina.

      “My eyes darkened. I started to stand up to him to roll. And then got another blow on the head – this time a hefty ashtray. I have gushed blood. Fortunately, I lost consciousness. And found the strength to move this Robic in response, so he flew three meters”, – shared the singer.

      Then he was assaulted by the second guy, knocking him to the ground and began kicking her. According to Valery, if not beloved, it could kill. “Saved me the intervention of Natasha. She was frightened and began to fight with these guys. So they hammer that she then hands were blue. No wonder she grew up in Barnaul. Haunt the Siberian hardening. The guys were taken aback by the fact that the woman entered the fray. And we managed to beat them. They picked up from the table my camera and ran,” he revealed details of what happened to Yurin.

      Natalia took the artist to the Central hospital. As recognized by Valery “Eskpress newspaper”, the doctors sewed his head wound and noted that he was lucky because if the ashtray was shot in the head, he would have died.