Экс-участница «Дома-2» Варвара Третьякова впервые станет мамой Star telestroke showed rounded belly and admitted that preparing for baby’s arrival. Social media users bombarded the barbarian Tretyakov and her husband Yegor warm wishes. About how far along she is, the brunette said.
Экс-участница «Дома-2» Варвара Третьякова впервые станет мамой

24-year-old ex-participant reality show “House-2” Varvara Kalinina, better known under her maiden name Tretyakov, announced important news. As it turned out, the girl prepares to become a mother for the first time. The child’s father is her husband Yegor.

As the words of Barbara, she is on decent term of pregnancy. So Kalinina decided to tell the public about the upcoming addition to the family. In the microblog star telestroke appeared the photo on which she is depicted with a rounded belly. According to Barbara, the picture was taken some time ago.

“We decided not to conceal from you my good position. And these photos for a long time to hold on to the impossible. I would like to share them with the world. In the photo I am in the 28th week and now I’m a big, huge Bazooka. Waiting for my baby,” shared the brunette.

Social media users congratulated Barbara and her lover. “This is the happiest event in my life”, “I am very happy for her”, “You is crazy” pregnancy, “Gift of life”, “easy childbirth”, “I somehow thought so” “Cool,” “Amazing photos”, “How cool”, “Cool”, commented subscribers girls.

Beloved barbarians can’t wait for the day when you become a father. In December of last year Egor was pleased with the second half a nice gift. According to the girl, she was crying from happiness, when the husband presented her a fancy foreign car blue. Fans of brunettes came to the conclusion that the chosen Dotes on her, just having such marks of attention. Kalinina earlier boasted on Instagram gorgeous bouquets of flowers.

“Over the past six months, I attended to be absolutely independent, because it cannot be otherwise” – shared it in the microblog.

The fact that the ex-participant of “House-2” Varvara Tretyakov married, it became known last year. Now the passport she Kalinin. Marriage ceremony star telestroke passed in a narrow circle of people closest to you. First, the lovers got married in the registry office, and then went to celebrate in a restaurant, where they were met by relatives. Photographer the couple decided not to invite.

“Everyone is asking when will the photos from the wedding. Guys, the day we spent with family and there was not a single stranger, and even the photographer. We so wanted. Perhaps, every girl dreams of a white dress, etc. But in my life there were so many photo shoots in wedding dresses that I have no such need,” admitted Barbara.