Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Sam Seleznev: “I Want to take the child from the orphanage”

Экс-участник «Дома-2» Сэм Селезнев: «Хочу взять ребенка из приюта» Showman told how growing up without parents and why not looking for a mother. Seleznyov is working in a stunt show, and also conducts programs for Krasnodar television. As admitted Sam, he dreams of a strong and complete family, that children did not repeat his fate.
Экс-участник «Дома-2» Сэм Селезнев: «Хочу взять ребенка из приюта»

Ex-participant reality show Sam Seleznev remembered by the audience from their first appearance on the project “Dom-2”. For the heart of Krasnodar inflated mulatto fought a girl. But lucky was blonde Anastasia Dashko. For three years fans have watched the relationship of Anastasia and Sam, considering them as the strongest couple. Today, former participants of telestroke not even communicate. In an exclusive interview, Sam said “StarHit” as has been his fate after the draft why he’s not ready to look for his mother who left him in the orphanage, and for which he still thanks late father.

Sam, you are quite impossible to get through! Where have you been all day?
Экс-участник «Дома-2» Сэм Селезнев: «Хочу взять ребенка из приюта»For 10 years I have been working with theatre “Stunt”, leading extreme show throughout Russia. He returned to his native Krasnodar only in the beginning of October, six months have not been home. Now a month rest, and get to work. Again will start intense training for next season! Besides, the local TV station I lead sports news and act as the Director of advertising in the Safari Park.—
You live in Krasnodar?
Экс-участник «Дома-2» Сэм Селезнев: «Хочу взять ребенка из приюта»Yes. I for anything would not change, even rarely go there. Moscow – not for me, not like her action and mentality. In Krasnodar, people are much more hospitable, they are always ready to help. In the capital people are angry, they are not interested in the problems of others. I love the warm climate and the sea. And everything is at hand!—
Don’t miss “House-2”?
Экс-участник «Дома-2» Сэм Селезнев: «Хочу взять ребенка из приюта»Bit. Unlike other Oldies I never thought about returning to the project. I think that the next arrival of the former member’s telestroke is a shame. Yes, there’s free food, pay money. But the guys don’t understand that when they show a failure in life. For me reputation is very important. I value her since the orphanage. —
I often remember the years spent in the orphanage?
Экс-участник «Дома-2» Сэм Селезнев: «Хочу взять ребенка из приюта»I have developed a very good relationship with the leaders of the orphanage. However, it is now closed, but when there was a holiday, I have always held events and brought the boys some gifts. Necessarily controlled so that a surprise came to kids. So we set up TVs, computers…—
You’re talking to somebody from their classmates?
Экс-участник «Дома-2» Сэм Селезнев: «Хочу взять ребенка из приюта»All have already grown up, got families. Joking, I say I have a busy life, and they are sitting at home. And so, see if possible, communicate in the Internet.
Экс-участник «Дома-2» Сэм Селезнев: «Хочу взять ребенка из приюта»
Were you looking for parents?
Экс-участник «Дома-2» Сэм Селезнев: «Хочу взять ребенка из приюта»I was trying to find his father. First found that in the Krasnodar lives my brother, he helped in future searches. Turns out my dad lived in Nigeria, he’s got long been my own family. When he said that I want to see him, he refused and even formally accepted paternity. After that I had dual citizenship. Still say thanks to him because he took me in. Even if it’s already dead. Don’t know how I would have done!—
You took his family?
Экс-участник «Дома-2» Сэм Селезнев: «Хочу взять ребенка из приюта»I communicate with them through Facebook. My cousin has a daughter that he was sent to study in Nigeria by our relatives. The niece grew up a real beauty! There she met her love. A few months fly to her wedding. Finally, meet with loved ones! I am very interested to know their mentality, to go to the grave of his father. I think our meeting will be fine!—
What about your mother? You were looking for?
Экс-участник «Дома-2» Сэм Селезнев: «Хочу взять ребенка из приюта»I have many friends kept saying, “Sam, you gave birth to my mother! And we need to find her!”. On some subconscious level don’t want to know what happened to her fate. Part of me says don’t hurt children, they say, she left me at the orphanage. Just not interested. Know that the mother went missing when I was two years old. The official death certificate no, relatives do not know where she is. Even if she were, I would not accept it.
Экс-участник «Дома-2» Сэм Селезнев: «Хочу взять ребенка из приюта»
Thought about having children?
Экс-участник «Дома-2» Сэм Селезнев: «Хочу взять ребенка из приюта»Best friend is constantly teasing: “it is Time to acquaint our kids. However, I think my already grown, and you just appeared!”. Calmly refer to this joke. I’m open for a relationship and dream of a strong, complete family.—
Could take the child from the orphanage?
Экс-участник «Дома-2» Сэм Селезнев: «Хочу взять ребенка из приюта»Yes. But it’s a big responsibility, because there children is very angry about. In such places a very strict upbringing, and sometimes it comes to blows. Guys don’t know what parental love and afraid of being hurt again. Unfortunately, people have triggered stereotype: if a child came to the orphanage, he is a drug addict or narrow-minded. I, on the contrary taught kids: “Not a place determines people! You should never be ashamed that you’re from the orphanage!”. However, I’m also not opposed to a lovely woman to have my child. —
After relations with Nastya Dashko you’ve met a girl Julia. Why did you break up?
Экс-участник «Дома-2» Сэм Селезнев: «Хочу взять ребенка из приюта»With Julia we were together for nine years. But our love was sick. We could several times a month back and forth. When I met her, always lost his head, and as a lover boy again started with a clean slate. But one day we both decided that we should finish the book forever!—
About Anastasia do you remember?
The last time I saw her in 2015. Then she gave an interview to the program “Live” after his release from prison. Was glad to meet her! We laughed a lot, because I spent three years together. Nice to remember past relationships. But most of her communication is not maintained, consider that it is correct. Because she already has her family, and other life. Why?