Экс-участница «Дома-2» публично обругала Ольгу Бузову Alexander Goias believes that the presenter has no future in the pop scene. Girl ready to conquer the stage. She wants to release the song Alena Valencia, which should be much better than the hits of Olga Buzova.

Alexander Goias who took part in the reality show “Dom-2”, trying to try new things. The girl works together with pop artist Alena Valencia, the graduate. She recorded the track “Phantom” which comes out this month. Aspiring performers believe that they will be able to become successful Olga Buzova. According to Sasha, their vocal is much better than the presenter.

“Alena and decided to conquer the show business, I want to sing Olga Buzova. Her know about our intentions do not have, she sings badly, and we have a voice. Approximate man – not so long ago said that Maxim got interested in me when he heard my playing, but embarrassed that I’m from “House-2″. From Fadeev million subscribers on the Internet that I have, I have a lot to show. I want to remove all the stereotypes, the project is not only Buzova that everyone is sick, but other talented people,” said Hosius.

Track Alexandra and Alena talks about a reality where men have ceased to make strong actions and women have achieved perfection, but they become alone. It is noteworthy that during the recording of the song Sasha was going through a divorce with Konstantin Ivanov.

Ex-participant reality show believes that His is no different from other stars became famous on the project.

“I’m an open person. For me Olga, how was a member of telestroke, so it remained. The same worker “the House-2” as I am. I don’t listen to her music, I prefer to Alla Borisovna Pugacheva, Nikolay Noskov, their songs have meaning, experiences. And Oli what – “Little half”? But whatever it is, I respect her for how she was after the divorce took himself in hand and “tripping,” said Hosius.

We will remind, Alena Valensiya long writes and performs his own songs. She tried his hand even at the casting on “Factory of stars”, but decided to continue your education. One of the songs Alena executed counterpart Gesias “House-2” Ilya Yabbarov. Sasha was impressed by the creativity of Valencia, so they began to work together. As told the girl’s “Companion”, they are confident that the song will be on the top of the charts.