Экс-участница «Дома-2» Мария Адоевцева беременна во второй раз Fans of young women believe: she is expecting a baby. Maria Odoevtseva has not officially confirmed its position. However, in her profile in Instagram are increasingly hints at the imminent addition to the family.

The former participant “Houses-2” Maria Odoevtseva happy in his new marriage. In the summer of 2017 young woman and her partner Michael were married. Now the couple has two daughters from a previous relationship.

In the last few weeks, fans of Mary began to talk about her pregnancy. Some images were visible rounded tummy, but the young woman refused to discuss the personal subject. However, recently Odoevtseva still indirectly confirmed the rumors about the interesting position.

“This time, I was not blessed to fasting, there is a good reason, but my father said that instead of eating, I have to practice patience, mercy, prayer and love! Humbly began,” wrote a young woman on Instagram.

Fans immediately began to congratulate her on her growing family. “Mary, are you pregnant? What is happiness,” “I, too, when she had the first child not fasted. Say that it is harmful to limit yourself”, “fasting Normally forbid expectant mothers and, therefore, to congratulate you” – opinions of fans of ex-member “House-2”.

While Mary herself in the comments responded to questions from fans. She did not speak directly about the pregnancy, but confirmed that she has a reason to be denied from the post.

“My husband fasts, but the daughters did not limit. And so we have restrictions on sweets and TV. Thanks for your wishes. The reason for denial from the post I have more than joyful” – said Odoevtseva.

Earlier, a young woman posted photos, which were visible rounded tummy. Maria also increasingly began to appear in loose outfits that hide the changes in her figure.

Eks-the participant “Houses-2” quite often talks about joyful events with her family. So, Mary loves to share photos with your daughters. Her successor, Lisa immediately found a common language with the daughter of Michael Barbara. According to Odoevtseva, girls are literally inseparable and spend all their time together.

But the relationship with former partner Sergei Maria does not like to talk. The fact that the man practically does not communicate with her daughter Lisa. According to the young woman, the ex-spouse was not able to take responsibility for the upbringing of the child and to change their way of life.

Fans are happy that Mary still managed to find happiness. According to them, next to Mikhail, a young woman literally glows with happiness.