Экс-участница «Дома-2» Лиза Триандафилиди пытается отнять дочь у бывшего мужа A young woman suffering because of the conflict with the ex-spouse. The man changed Lisa, and she filed for divorce. Now he won’t let her communicate with the child, and threatened. According to Triandafilidis, Oleg manipulates Possess.
Экс-участница «Дома-2» Лиза Триандафилиди пытается отнять дочь у бывшего мужа

Participant of “House-2” Lisa Triantafilidis happy in a relationship with Alexei Citizen. They left along the perimeter of telestroke and build love outside. While 29-year-old girl was on the project, her daughter from her first marriage, 9-year-old Vlad lived with his father. Now he doesn’t want to give the baby to the mother.

“He turned her against me. After one of the live broadcasts, where I cried and talked about it, Vlad doesn’t call me. Oleg does not give it to me, and I want a daughter, in principle, to take. He threatened to beat me. I feel sorry for the girl: her husband showed her the esters is not clear to me what. The child speaks not his own words, it is susceptible to influence”, – said Lisa.

Initially, Lisa and Oleg was great: he took care of his wife, always trying to please, but suddenly the situation changed.

“We lived in Tuapse, a small town, his wife said about me some rumors and fabrications. In our communication started cold.When I found out she was pregnant, Oleg didn’t want I was in labor. Even gave me money for an abortion, but I, of course, and think about it could not,” recalls Triandafilidis.

Oleg never hinted to Lisa that he wanted to live with her daughter. Ex-participant reality show says that she almost died because of the negligence of her husband. Young AMA complained then of pain in the abdomen. It turned out that after giving birth she started zagnoenie. Fortunately, doctors managed to help her. Native Oleg also consistently treated his wife with disdain and tried to call her to public holidays, pointing out to Lisa that her primary function is the education of the child.

“I think now he just wants to fuck with me. Manipulating the child. When I raised a fuss over the fact that Oleg forbids me to see his daughter, the situation moved from the dead point. If earlier ex was adamant and said I will never see Vlad, recently told my dad that he would give to a daughter during the summer holidays. All communication is now conducted only through my parents, my ex-spouse blocked. I hope to be able to solve the problem and will soon be reunited with their daughter. Will do anything to Vlad again to live with me. I miss my baby and madly in love with her,” admitted Lisa in an interview with “House-2”.