Eks-the participant “Houses-2” is battling cancer

Экс-участница «Дома-2» отчаянно борется с раком Elena Stepunina appealed to the subscribers. The former heroine of reality show “Dom-2” has blood tests that doctors pinpoint the disease. A young woman recounts the condition and thanks for the support.

Ex-participant reality show “House-2” Nadezhda Ermakova decided to draw attention to the problem of his girlfriend Elena Stepunina. As it turned out, her colleague on the TV show is struggling with cancer. Almost a month ago, a young woman reported that she found a lump in her breast. Now it is published in a microblog dedicated to staying in the clinic and reported health status.

“I’m sitting here (lying I can’t even sleep sitting up). Who are treated from cancer and who were cured – the real heroes. Respect and uvazhuha! Waiting for histology results, whether it is not right. I mean the tumor, which is difficult to define. Ask yourself, why am I wearing a mask? To breathe I can’t, difficult, as the tumor grew and the liquid in perakende too. Doctors always near me or the nurses. Hike matters worse,” wrote Stepunina.

Elena admits that she needed cash to continue intensive treatment. She appealed to all concerned to provide her financial support. The former participant “Houses-2” has promised that after she gets better, will respond to the calls of others in distress.

“How will recover, promise myself that I will help not only the shelter for the dogs (before the illness I helped them financially, if possible), but also to cancer patients. Now I know it’s hard,” said Elena.

Stepunina teenage son Matthew. The boy was born five months ago. Young mother loves her child, but because of the stay in hospital, she occasionally have to leave the baby at home. Now Elena has blood tests to accurately establish the diagnosis. Sometimes former participant “Houses-2” overwhelmed by despair that she can’t fight.

“Today, I fell apart and cried. Today it hurts bad that even obesely not help. Helped your wishes and comments. My dear, do not be offended that I don’t answer everyone but I read everything and incredibly grateful for the support. A special thanks to my friends who help not only morally, but financially as well. I really didn’t think I was surrounded by such a number of good people. Well not really exist, and it can not but rejoice,” wrote Elena a few days ago.