Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Alessandro Matarazzo preparing a lawsuit for libel

Экс-участник «Дома-2» Алессандро Матераццо готовит иск по делу о клевете Former participant in reality show is enraged by words of Rustam Solntsev. Alessandro Matarazzo and his wife Svetlana live in the US, however, monitor what appears about them in the press. The couple intend to go to court and seek a lawyer.
Экс-участник «Дома-2» Алессандро Матераццо готовит иск по делу о клевете

Not so long ago in one of the editions has a story of Rustam Solntseva about the lives of the once popular participants reality show “Dom-2” Alessandro Matarazzo and his wife Svetlana. In September 2009, the couple got married and moved to the United States. They settled in Miami. The entertainer recently visited the popular resort town, and therefore decided to share with fans the news about a couple.

However, such a move angered Solntseva, Matarazzo and his wife. They didn’t understand why a former colleague in a reality show makes such statements without their permission. They intend to sue. Alessandro confessed that he wants to teach a lesson to those who rasponi such information and did not pursue selfish goals.

“I do not need money, all that will sue a lawyer can have,” said the man in the social network of his wife.
Экс-участник «Дома-2» Алессандро Матераццо готовит иск по делу о клевете

Svetlana said that for nine years from the moment they left the project, tried not to dwell on the past. The couple refused to be interviewed, preferring to remain silent about his participation in the show. Rustam Solntsev said that allegedly a man dreams of returning to the famous telestroke. As it turned out, from the “House-2” the couple left with the scandal. At some point they ceased to hold the conditions that are dictated by the organizers, but because they would never again fall under the sights of numerous cameras.

“We got a call, tried to call, we didn’t pick up, so Sasha do not like it,” – said Svetlana.

Alexander Kurisko took the sonorous name of Alessandro Matarazzo and first appeared on the famous telestroke in 2007. Sultry handsome man immediately caught the attention of viewers. However, his charm was not impressed Olga Sun, to whom he felt sympathy. This gave him the opportunity to draw attention to another girl – Olga Buzova. But it isn’t working. A year later the guy left the project. Forgotten participants “House-2”: what is remembered and where are they now

In 2009, Alessandro suddenly returned to the “House-2”, but with his chosen Svetlana Davydova. They wanted to show how to build the perfect relationship and be an example for all the participants of the reality show. Now the couple are raising a daughter from his first marriage to Svetlana.