Экс-участник «Дома-2» Алессандро Матераццо готовится к разводу Svetlana Davydova spoke about the problems in the family. Alessandro Matarazzo played a wedding with his chosen nine years ago. Fans can’t believe the perfect couple might break up – they hope for reconciliation.

In 2009, former participants of the reality show “Dom-2” Alessandro Matarazzo and his fiancee Svetlana Davydova were married. After that, the pair moved to permanent residence in the United States. They chose a warm state of Miami. Recently, however, the young woman confessed that their marriage is far from perfect as it seemed from the outside. She hinted at what she was going to divorce her husband.

“Okay, our last photo in my Instagram. 10 years together is cool. I was really happy six years. I learned what love is and she learned to love. But everything comes to an end. Importantly, the end was strong,” wrote Svetlana in the microblog.

Fans couldn’t believe what the couple decided to part. Some hope that they would still be able to reconcile and they can continue to live happily ever after. “Will, this is a temporary crisis. You are a perfect couple. In any case, as if this is all over, I wish you happiness both. You guys are great and deserve only the best!”, “For love must be fought. Just tired of the same thing. We must start with ourselves. Light or to work, less bad thoughts will be less will to fight. That I’m even speaking from experience. A couple needs to develop together, and if one develops and the other is in place, as a rule, people differ. You are beautiful and love each other, think 1000 times before” – supported followers.

Judging by the publications of Svetlana, she took the irrevocable decision. The former participant “Houses-2” earlier too, did you publish an explicit review. “Let’s pretend we love each other” – signed Davydova one of your recent photos.

While the girl was not told about the reasons of discord in the family. In one of the comments she hinted that not accept when the man stays at home and does not develop. Now Svetlana is ready to begin a new phase of his life.

Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Alessandro Matarazzo preparing a lawsuit for libel

“I’m so glad I kept your beautiful name in marriage and I in this adventure, no, no,” admitted former member of the TV show.