Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Alena ashmarina will become a mother for the second time

Экс-участница «Дома-2» Алена Ашмарина станет мамой во второй раз Star telestroke that built a relationship with Ilia Grigorenko, preparing for the replenishment of the family. Alena ashmarina is a short term pregnancy. A young woman receives congratulations from users of social networks.
Экс-участница «Дома-2» Алена Ашмарина станет мамой во второй раз

31-year-old Alena ashmarina, known to viewers due to the participation in the projects “Holiday in Mexico” and “Dom-2”, and shared good news. As it turned out, the young woman is going to be a mother again.

In the microblog Alena had a picture taken during the ultrasound. The TV star has promised to keep up to date with the subscribers on your page in Instagram. She admitted that dwells in the seventh heaven from happiness.

“Well, that was the difficult first trimester. My little waving miracle mom handle! Wanted to share my joy with you and to start blogging about the pregnancy. Ask your questions I will answer in the posts and in the comments. Tonight will choose the next theme from the comments. I with pleasure with you will share my feelings, emotions and most importantly experience! I tell you right now I am extremely pleased and happy. With Ilya [Grigorenko] we live in different cities. But I repeat – I am happy beyond measure! Love you all, you expect your questions and topics,” reported ex-member of telestroke.
Экс-участница «Дома-2» Алена Ашмарина станет мамой во второй раз

Social media users congratulated Allen with the upcoming replenishment in the family. “How cool”, “Very happy for you”, “When to give birth?”, “It’s a miracle”, “Children are happiness”, “I thought that you are pregnant”, “take care of yourself”, “success and strength”, commented followers Asmarinos.

Users of social networks assume that the child’s father was another ex-member of telestroke Ilya Grigorenko, with which it built relationships in the reality show and its perimeter. The followers asked Alain why she went with the chosen one, and expressed hope for a speedy return of the young man.

Recall that Alena is also a charming mother Patricia, who appeared in her marriage with Herman by Asmarina. However, the relationship between the young people was short-lived. When the girl turned three months old, her parents decided to separate.

At various times she has participated in the second season of the project “Holiday in Mexico” and looking for love on “the House-2”. Originally ashmarina expressed sympathy Gobozova Alexander, who at that time was married with Allianoi Ustinenko. After some time the young woman shifted her focus to Yegor Holavina, and then started to try to build a relationship with Ilya Grigorenko, going through a breakup with Tatiana Kyrylyuk.