Экс-участник «Дома-2» Альберт Резин предоставил доказательства избиения The young man suffered at the hands of friends ex-girlfriend. Doctors suspect that as a result of the brawl, albert Rubbers got a concussion. The man told the “StarHit” about the incident.
Экс-участник «Дома-2» Альберт Резин предоставил доказательства избиения

Albert Rubbers stayed in the TV project “Dom-2” long, but managed to remember the audience. Now the charismatic young man is building an acting career and works as a host at events in Moscow.

The news about the beating of albert shocked his fans. “StarHit” contacted by Rethinam and found out the details of the incident of the attack.

“Now I’m on home treatment. The doctor prescribed a week’s bed rest, which had to cancel several events. Very bad headache, take the medication. The doctors suspect I have a concussion,” said albert.
Экс-участник «Дома-2» Альберт Резин предоставил доказательства избиения

According to the young man, the attack was a complete surprise to him. He came to visit his ex-girlfriend to talk to her. However, the landlady, according to rubber, was drunk, and soon, between albert and ex-lover had a quarrel.

A former participant of the TV project reports that the girl called friends, who arrived a few minutes later and immediately began to behave aggressively.

“The fight began in the apartment, then continued to the Elevator. On the street they spooked and I was able to leave. The attack and the body and the face. They knew that I am a people person and wanted to ensure that I was difficult to work with a beating,” – said albert.
Экс-участник «Дома-2» Альберт Резин предоставил доказательства избиения

Rubber does not deny that his ex-lover a long time started to have problems with alcohol. She often abused alcohol, but the actor didn’t expect that their conversation can turn into a fight with strangers.

Now being the showman does not raise any concerns. He has provided the “StarHit” a certificate confirming the diagnosis and the fact of beating.

Despite receiving serious injuries, the young man is in no hurry to go to the police.

Экс-участник «Дома-2» Альберт Резин предоставил доказательства избиения“I want to wait for an apology from the girl. After all, we dated for two years, and I don’t want to get her involved in such a story,” – said albert.

Rubber fans were quick to Express sympathy and wished the young man to quickly recover and return to work. Albert himself is not going to linger long at home and going to recommence creative activities as soon as doctors will allow to do it.