Экс-участницу «Дома-2» Оксану Аплекаеву изнасиловали после смерти Journalists released new details of high profile case about the murder of 31-year-old star electroni. As stated, over the body of the deceased in 2008, Oksana aplekaeva abused in the morgue. The suspect is detained.
Экс-участницу «Дома-2» Оксану Аплекаеву изнасиловали после смерти

In 2008, died on 31-year-old former member of “House-2” Oksana Aplekaeva. In September, the girl was found strangled to death on the road between Riga and Moscow. The mysterious murder of the stars of the reality show spawned a number of rumors and different versions. It was said that Oksana could attack a maniac or a gang of criminals, and before that, she received threats on the Internet.

Recently revealed that Aplekaeva raped after death. Information about this appeared in the Telegram-channel created by major media. It is reported that was discovered in the samples of biological material belonging to the M. E. Alexander, working in the morgue of Istria.

According to journalists, that the man abused the body of aplekaeva, became known only a couple of months ago.

Экс-участницу «Дома-2» Оксану Аплекаеву изнасиловали после смерти

Recall that after the death of Oksana aplekaeva opened a criminal case under article “murder”. Investigating the incident involved law enforcement officers. “According to the conclusion it is judicial-medical examination the death of aplekaeva caused by mechanical asphyxia (suffocation)”, – told in the Investigation Department of the Moscow oblast investigative Committee.

According to journalists, August 29, 2008 Oksana left the car salon, where he moonlighted as a model, together with a young man. The girl allegedly met him at work. Since Aplekaeva no one has seen. A few days later a friend of Oksana, Olga, who filmed her apartment, sounded the alarm. A neighbor of the ex-contestants of the reality show has addressed in law enforcement bodies.

Aplekaeva corpse was discovered on the track. The girl’s body found the drivers. With him she had no documents, so the dead could not be identified. To determine how she died, it took about a week.

Экс-участницу «Дома-2» Оксану Аплекаеву изнасиловали после смерти

Oksana Aplekaeva was born on 12 June 1977 in Ufa. She studied economic and financial school. 18 Mar 2005 a girl came to the project “Dom-2”. There she stayed for 75 days. Oksana left the perimeter on 2 June of the same year. During one of his public speeches Aplekaeva said that the reality show “helped her in life.”

Years after the tragedy, new information about the incident with Oksana. The killer and rapist star telestroke were different people. Law enforcement officers detained the employee of the morgue Alexander the great, who had exceeded his authority. According to journalists Telegram-channel “112”, the man was placed in jail. As suggested by the correspondents, he faces liability for the desecration of the body of the deceased.