Екатерина Волкова преобразилась ради нового сезона «Ворониных»
The actress changed her image before the filming of the popular series.

Photo: Instagram

Soon start shooting a new season of “Voronin” on STS. Actress Vera Voronina, were well prepared for the job. Katya Volkova updated the image in the luxury beauty Studio in Moscow. She made a fashionable haircut, dyed her hair a new shade, as well as the stylists have picked for her makeup in the latest fashion trends.

“Here is Vera Voronina in the new season,” — said Volkov in a personal blog, and published the photos in a new way.

Fans of the actress and the series was delighted with the transformation. “All the heroes are aging, and Faith — on the contrary!” — they wrote in the comments.

Indeed, in 2009, when the screens out the first series “Voronin,” Catherine looked quite different. “Was closer to the real mind of the people!” — believe fans. Many suspect Volkov in numerous plastic surgeries, which she did after he became famous.

In fact, the actress just became more careful care of their appearance. Again, friendship with the makeup artists and makeup artists has helped — wheeling began to use time-tested products for skin care and learned independently using makeup to emphasize their natural beauty.

“The care I come with a mind counting the money, smiling Volkov. Because we recently took out a mortgage. The cost of the most hyped makeup has the price of advertising, and I’m not buying it. I alternate between inexpensive and expensive: my macellari, the most common, costs 200 rubles, and cream — 500. I do often change their cosmetic brand, use every means necessary courses: a month use one, then I move on to another. And never buy the whole line, and cream, and lotion, and mask, and fluid. And I refused the patches. They are perfectly moisturize the skin. But when summer came out of the sea, then was horrified to find that the sun turns into a Panda! Face tanned and places where used patches. It turns out that they have a whitening effect. So now I use cloth masks.”