Екатерина Волкова огорчена испорченным отдыхом
Star “Voronin” disappointed in her chosen hotel in Greece.

Ekaterina Volkova

Photo: Instagram

Ekaterina Volkova is outraged by the broken rest of the hotel
conforming to the stated categories – five stars. About this star “Voronin”
told on the page of your microblog.

“All I wanted to write about the hotel,
where we rested, and only now reached the hands, ” says the actress. — No
any case do not want to spread bad reputation to this hotel but I can not share with
you. Not in the room and throughout the hotel did not have iron! Buffet often
was empty. Soups was not in principle. For several days all dishes were boring and
come into the hall with food, we’ve been hanging around with an empty plate…the rooms not once in a week wash tub — only made the bed and changed
towels, and then only if you throw them on the floor. For the beach were provided
other towels were changed every two days. The staff is slow, not particularly
seeking to help. Children’s room consisted of a small house with
broken toys. Pool dirty dishes could stand a few days.
In General, it is not 5 stars as claimed. Now everything is more expensive, you know.
But to pay big money for poor service does not want to continue”.

Despite the fact that the hotel did not meet the expectation of Catherine, is not
prevented her to have a good time in Greece and get a charge of vivacity and energy,
which will be useful to her soon. Immediately after returning from vacation Catherine
will start to work in your favorite theatre and film.

Recall that Ekaterina Volkova vacationing with her daughter Lisa
in Greece. According to the actress, the families with children — special. “They suck all the power
the endless, “mom, look”, “give”, “help”, “save” or “give me
attention…” — says the star “Voronin”. — But in moments of tenderness the fatigue
it’s like back to zero and you think this holiday the happiest ever!”

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