Ekaterina Volkova told about the personal tragedy on the set

Екатерина Волкова рассказала о личной трагедии на съемках The actress visited the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. Ekaterina Volkova told about the men who were in her life, about how I lost the baby on the set, and brother, who committed suicide.
Екатерина Волкова рассказала о личной трагедии на съемках

Ekaterina Volkova is one of the most beautiful Actresses of the Russian cinema. Despite a successful career, a crowd of fans in the artiste’s life had many tragedies and losses.

Officially, the actress was married three times. Today, however, Volkov brings up one of three children. Ekaterina told about the personal life of Boris Korchevnikov in the “Destiny of man”.

First husband of the actress became a mechanic, Alex. Choice of future movie stars hunted small crime, it has attracted the young girl.

“The 90s, the city of Togliatti… It was Chicago! Then on a dare steal cars, some disassembly was arranged. He was an excellent mechanic, and everyone turned to him. My first husband was “penny”, we drove on it. We met when I was 16. Race, all this thieves romance. I even first money earned at the restaurant, sang the song “I’ll sit in a convertible”, – said Volkov.

Soon the couple was born daughter Valeria. Catherine admitted that she was difficult to live with the first spouse, the mom, the actress has managed to finish musical College and get a degree.

“She’s a doctor, dad engineer, brother doctor. My mom found an ad that declares a set on the acting course. And literally took me there. In the end, I received, from my husband, however, hid. He was against the profession of the artist,” said Catherine.

As a young family constantly there were conflicts. Once Alex was severely beaten Catherine. The actress in the course of a few weeks spent in neurosurgery. After that, she decided to leave her husband, a tyrant, taking with them little daughter.

Volkova left their home city to Moscow. Already in the capital, Catherine has continued his studies in acting school…

The second love was actress producer, theatre Director Eduard Boyakov Vladislavovich. In recognition Volkova, relationship with him was abnormal and painful. Beloved actress wanted actress children because you were already married and had a daughter. Boyakov Volkov persuaded to have an abortion. Today, the artist wishes he succumbed to his entreaties.

“He said I was not ready yet, my child struggle with selfishness. He opened this space for me… Spirituality, for example. I started getting into Indian philosophy, I wish all the people happiness, health. I’d sent him three letters,” – said the actress.

Catherine told me that Boyakov offered her to live with him, his wife and daughter. The producer called polygamy is commonplace for modern people.

«I? No, I internally could not have died as a result of this,” mused the star of the movie.

At a festival in Saint Petersburg Catherine was introduced to Edward with his girlfriend, actress Ksenia Rappoport. Boyakov had an affair with her, which soon admitted Volkova. This betrayal Catherine broke and severed all relations with the Director.

But soon fate brought Volkov with producer Sergei Clientel.

“He just made a film “Bumer”. He fell in love with me at the festival in Vyborg. It was an absolute revenge on Edward. With Clientel the marriage was short-lived. I soon got pregnant from Sergei. Went to the shooting of the film, where he was to play a pregnant. There were white chairs, I stood up, and there is a red spot… As shown in the movie. I screamed. Then spent a month in a hospital in Prague. Was a threat to the life of the mother, it was necessary to leave the child. The doctors decided to induce labor. I lost the baby, lost the role and lost her husband. Yes, a difficult period was,” shared Catherine.

Then Volkov for a short time again took up with Boyakov. The actress thought that fate itself brought them together. «Chance meeting. Then again, in new ways. Again went the same cart,” explained the artist.

It Boyakov gave Catherine a book writer Edward Veniaminovich Limonov and strongly recommend to read some of his works. “I really sat down to read it, just devoured them. I was already in love with him,” said the woman.

Soon, the publicist became the third husband of the actress. Catherine met with Limonov on a secular party. Publicist immediately noticed a movie star.

“He took my hand and we went to drink vodka. Then asked for a piece of paper to my room to write. I opened the clutch, which I lent to a friend. And saw a one-day women’s lining. I thought, too, a piece of paper. Asked him, he said, “Good!”Boyakov then finally proposed to me, and I told him that I love, I’m leaving him. And it was a terrible revenge,” said Volkov.

Soon the writer and actress had children. 7 November 2006 born son of Bogdan, July 17, 2008, a daughter, Alexandra. In recognition of Catherine’s, Lemons were absolutely not adapted to family life. In 2008 the couple broke up.

“I have great gratitude I remember all the men and women who were in my life. We communicate with our dad. We are lenient with children” – ironically told Catherine about the former husband.

Volkov, by the way, confirmed that he was friends with Alexander Abdulov. She kept about the actor only fond memories, the artist supported Catherine in difficult times. “He gave me a school of humanity, friendliness, humor and love. Despite the fact that we weren’t close physically. It was a Platonic relationship,” – said the artist.

At the end of the programme the actress told Boris Korchevnikov that her last love was the businessman of an average hand. He was younger Volkova, however, insanely jealous of Catherine.

“A businessman, a good guy Bob. We all sort of came together. Don’t know, maybe I’m crazy. I wanted freedom and I suggested a little break. He was jealous, and at some point I’m tired of this love and adoration,” – said the movie star.

The biggest tragedy for Volkova was the death of his brother Eugene. He worked as a gynecologist. According to the actress, he cured many women of sterility, but lived with the guilt, Eugene also had abortions.

“He was very tired to bear the burden of this medical debt. I was at the place where he — We saw an open garage, before he died, he took off his glasses, ring, watch the car. He was lying near a gun in his hand. He asked to burn it, but my mom said no. Happened to us a tragedy, mom was not the same. It is three, four years petrified. My mom wouldn’t let him burn, and she was right. She wanted to have a grave where people could come… and talk to him,” said the actress.

Boris korchevnikov suggested Ekaterina Volkova to say a few words myself in the past. “Dear Kate, never anything to fear. Dream. Your dreams will come true. Believe it” – summed up artist.