Ekaterina Volkova told about the miracle cleanser for hands

Екатерина Волкова рассказала о чудо-средстве по уходу за руками
Star of the TV series “Voronin” has shared a recipe that after 10 minutes gives a great result.

Photo: photo from personal archive of Catherine Volkova

Ekaterina Volkova admitted that from the winter frost, she is the most affected skin: dry, red.

“What are the only options I didn’t know! — says the actress. First hoped for
creams. Tried all sorts of expensive and cheap, domestic and foreign,
vaseline and even those that help kids to deal with diaper rash, and
no good! One day he shared his problem with a manicurist. It
advised paraffin bath — and a miracle happened. Hands after they are very
quickly getting back to normal. Paraffin film retains moisture in the cells, improves
subcutaneous microcirculation, helps eliminate toxins. Now make paraffin
bath once a week in the salon or at home. I have
the bath, in which I breed approximately one pound of paraffin at a time. But it is possible
to do this in conventional enameled saucepan. Before you start treat the skin
scrub, and after the procedure to hide the hands in a plastic bag and put on a top
warm mittens. Ideally it would be good to hold your hands warm for half an hour, but I
usually little time I are limited to 10 minutes. But even they have enough for
a stunning effect!”

The actress has its own recipes for face care in winter. “Well help disposable mask, — said Ekaterina. As I have
lots of traveling, moving, and the way these masks and other Express tools
very comfortable. Most Japanese love a mask-sunglasses with lavender and chamomile: it
simply magical! Helps with the swelling, and dark circles. Wear these glasses
the whole night — sleep in them, by the way, is great… of Course, all procedures need
time. And I have a family, shooting. Therefore, in Moscow in the fall and winter mostly do
injection of hyaluronic acid: pierce a vitamin courses (Botox
have not tried it, I used to be). A more simple procedure is done during
tour. What? Performances in the evening. And in the afternoon you can deal with them. Another of
Moscow, call the local beauty salons, written for massage, wraps
(the favorite — algae), the drainage procedure. Like, for example, useful
for the shape and skin vacuum massage, trigger the lymphatic system”.

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