Ekaterina Volkova settling in the new house

Екатерина Волкова обустраивается в новом доме Star of the TV series “Voronin” changed residence. Ekaterina Volkova with her husband until he finished repairs to the mansion, however, the couple decided to move out of town.

      Last year the star of the TV series “Voroniny” Ekaterina Volkova has bought a country house. Together with her husband, Andrei Karpov, they started a Grand renovation. The artist is not once complained about how she’s hard to cope with all things – to continue to work, raise children and control the arrangement of the mansion. Volkov participated in the program “a Perfect repair” button to speed up the process. Apparently, now the family decided to move to new housing. Ekaterina Volkova has shown excellent repair in a country house

      “I’ve never lived with the illusion that the repair and even more moving is easy. But when you need to move and finish the repairs at the same time in the new house, I want to tell you that the task is far from simple. I used to think that there is nothing worse than a repair. Now I understand what is worse – moving,” said Catherine.

      Fans agreed with the opinion of a celebrity. They remembered that they too had to deal with such situations. Nevertheless, some spoke about the positive sides of moving to a new house. Fans of the actress can’t wait when she will show the end result. “Repair is a disaster. You know! Good luck to you soon to finish it!”, “The repair is tough! But to live in a new house, in your house – this is happiness! Your work will be rewarded”, “I love to move! While collecting things is natural selection, as it does not want the new residence to drag up everything”, “Everything will be fine! Patience to you! But what a beauty is waiting for you! Good luck!” – wrote fans.

      Catherine with her husband Andrew are set to complete the repair for the New year. They hope that by this time you could get the house in perfect condition. Volkov is already making plans for the future and dreams about how to live outside the city. Ekaterina Volkova: “my husband and I nearly killed each other”

      “But we do not lose heart, believe that in 2018 we will meet in the new house. We can call our friends. We can decorate the tree in the yard of our house. Only these thoughts I live. As we walk here in the woods, how are we going to ride bikes all together,” surrenders himself to dreams actress.

      Catherine can’t wait to share the result of their efforts with fans, but she doesn’t want to show unfinished work. Now she tries to control the actions of builders at every stage. “Andrei has invested a lot of soul in every piece of furniture. I hope that soon we will be able to boast that the repair is over. In the meantime, back to boxes, bubble packaging and kilometers of tape”, – said Volkov.