Ekaterina Volkova: “my Husband is jealous of me to post”

Екатерина Волкова: «Муж ревнует меня к столбу» Star of the TV series “Voronin” confessed “StarHit” why quarrel with her beloved and what she lacks time. Also Volkov explained, for someone like their daughter.
Екатерина Волкова: «Муж ревнует меня к столбу»

  • A DAUGHTER LIKE ME… facial expressions, obstinacy, purposefulness. But otherwise she is Andrei. Diligent, good draws, loves to blow, but quickly departs. Sometimes, they begin to attack me: “Mom, why is dad doing that?!”, “Kate, tell Lisa that she didn’t act like that!” Look at them and understand: well same same!
  • In EDUCATION LISA ANDREY and DIFFERENT LOOK AT… her school homework. If they sit down to check I’m doing it thoroughly. And my husband thinks so: her daughter has grown up, probably all properly. In the end, I then have to re-read them.
  • IN EIGHT years of MARRIAGE, I REALIZED THAT the MAIN thing IN RELATIONS IS… respect. And the lack of the couple of the habit to pull the blanket over himself. When you start to dwell on his person, marriage comes to an end. Family bonfire, in which everyone must constantly to throw the chips. As soon as you stop doing it, the flame fades.
  • WE WITH ANDREY HAVE a RULE… not to take offense at each other for more than 15 minutes. As soon as they expire, apologize and make up. But if quarrel big, flying cups, spoons, plates, we shout loudly, as in a normal Italian family. But then still ask for forgiveness.
  • IF the HUSBAND DECIDES to DIVORCE ME… ask him: why are you so tormented and only now are we thinking? And warned that such as I, he will not find: headstrong, hot-tempered, hysterical Men, open secret: if you go from one woman to another, nothing will change. First is the honeymoon period, and then will start to cut. So think about whether…

Екатерина Волкова: «Муж ревнует меня к столбу»PHRASE EVERY DAY SAY WIFE… “Honey, don’t forget to feed the dogs, fish and rabbits.” And confess love.

  • Don’T LIKE it WHEN ANDREW… throws the apartment is q-tips.
  • HUSBAND is JEALOUS of ME… everything – the post, men, women. And I have it too, especially when he participated in the project “dancing with the stars” and every year he had a new partner, which he devoted much more time than me. But I knew the job first.
  • Adding TO the FAMILY…WE do not plan. Daughter does not require a brother or sister, so we have time. In any case, not afraid to fall out of the work schedule and would love to be a mom again.
  • FOR the filming of “VORONIN,” I… have not lost weight and not fat and generally does not particularly sacrificed. But to get to audition for them, lied to colleagues in the theatre because at that time I had a rehearsal scheduled, which in any case it was impossible to miss. But I took a chance, something composed and still went to the casting.

IF I AGAIN OFFER to pose FOR a MEN’s GLOSS, I… I agree, but to consult with her husband, because I know that he would react to this negatively. Andrew – a great owner, but still would have tried to persuade him to increase self-esteem – say, in your 36 I still hoo!

ON the STREETS TO ME are MOST common WITH the WORDS… “OH, Voronin, Hello! What are you doing here?” or “Vera, where’s your Kostenka?” Sometimes asking the way. While explain person carefully looks at me, and then hesitantly says, “is that you?..” Say: “And who do you need?” “Well, there she is, like her, from the TV series about a crazy little family… In my opinion, you are there to play.” Answer: “Yes, that would be me”.

IF TOMORROW was the end of the world, I… to come off in full. Friends often say to me: “let’s hang out! How much can you work?!” Answer: “of Course…” And instead go home and go to bed. But if the Apocalypse came, sleep would be sacrificed.

I get REALLY SCARED WHEN… pony – may how much people can be angry. Sometimes, these comments you see under your photo on Instagram, what hair stand on end. Why would people me signed? Why pouring the slop? Perhaps it becomes easier, but why do I have to read it all?!

MY biggest SECRET-CARE – THAT’s… healthy sleep. However not always there is time. At night, unable to stick on the face of the fabric Express-a mask. Keep her put for 10 minutes, and I end up falling asleep with her. Beauty salons are very rare, but if you’re going to ka – something event. Like a real girl want to go to SPA and get a massage, but now only dream about.