Екатерина Волкова спровоцировала разговоры о беременности Fans believe that the actress is in an interesting position. Subscribers microblog Ekaterina Volkova considered rounded star shape in the images from the premiere of the film “Cruiser”, which was held on the eve of one of the Moscow theaters.

      On the eve of the Russian actress Ekaterina Volkova with her husband attended the premiere of the film “Cruiser”, which in Moscow was presented by the famous actor Nicolas cage. For the release of the woman chose a bodycon dress blue famous Russian designer. Volkov picked for this dress is a striking red jacket and pumps.

      Subscribers microblog actress, seeing the pictures, decided that a woman is pregnant, as her figure looks not as thin as usual. The most attentive users of the social network was considered a bit of a belly star. “You’re pregnant?” “Catherine, can we congratulate you on a good position?”, wrote fans of the actress. However, some have suggested that outfit so badly it sits, which just expands the figure of a woman.

      Catherine loved the “Cruiser” as its unpredictable plot. Film Mario van Pillsa talks about the USS Indianapolis in the summer of 1945 brought to the Philippines spare parts for the atomic bomb, later used in the attack on Hiroshima. On the way to the base of the “Indianapolis” was attacked by the Japanese submarines and crashed. Most of the sailors were killed, and captain Charles McVeigh was prosecuted.

      “Nicolas cage presented a picture, so we went to the session charged! The film is very cool. Similarly history, which is based on the story, tragic and therefore most true,” said the actress in the caption to the picture.

      The family of Catherine Volkova and permanent participants of the project “dancing with the stars” Andrew Karpov already growing one child – five-year old daughter Lisa. A girl attends classes in choreography, as well as already learning to read and write. Daughter Ekaterina Volkova: “I will Give my husband in kindergarten”

      Recall that recently, Ekaterina Volkova, and her husband engaged in the construction of their own home, as they had previously rented accommodation. “Repair the worst of the war. It’s about us. To compromise almost impossible. Now I am familiar with concepts such as pontoon, floors, insulation, polyurethane foam. Will try to report from the scene of the construction”, – said the star of the TV series “Voronin”.