Екатерина Волкова завела сразу двух малышей
The daughter of the actress has a new pet.

Daughter Ekaterina Volkova and Andrey Karpov Elizabeth

Volkova overcame himself and decided to give his daughter Lisa dwarf
rabbits — previous Pets loving mother gave Goosen the day
birth, almost immediately died, which, of course, very upset
a seven year old girl.

The reason
the death of the rabbits, as it was then decided star “Voronin” has become a virus. “The breeders were decent
people and offered to return the money or give the other two kids. Something I
while not ready to go. Try not to dramatize, but
Lizuny mind. Here and matured my Goosen. And we are after all on Friday for 7 years. And
these rabbits were on her birthday…” — shared Volkova.

And now, after
a week after Lisa celebrated a birthday, she appeared again
rabbits. “Lizana not depart from your Pets. Teach a child
to be responsible for those who tamed, because the loss of the past as never taught
to love and cherish the new,” wrote the actress in the microblog, by publishing a series of
photos of daughter playing with pussy.

Interestingly, the original Catherine
denied her daughter the desire to buy dwarf rabbits. It is categorically not
wanted to have an even greater number of Pets. Maybe the reason was
that in a country house Volkova lived three dog: Bo dog breed Akito-Ino,
a Pomeranian named Rays and “mongrel” Ru, which Bo found a puppy near
the village where lives the all-star family. The actress also lived another cat buddy, but he
some time ago, “moved” to the house of the parents of Catherine.