Ekaterina Volkova fulfilled the dream of the daughter

Екатерина Волкова исполнила мечту дочери
Sixth birthday Lisa said in Paris.

Екатерина Волкова исполнила мечту дочери

Ekaterina Volkova with her husband, Andrei Karpov and daughter Lisa

Photo: Instagram

Daughter Ekaterina Volkova Lisa friend Arkady

Photo: Instagram

The sixth birthday of the beloved
Gusty (so affectionately calls his daughter Lisa star “Voronin” Catherine
Volkov), it was decided to celebrate in Paris: delight Lisa has no limits.
All day today, she walks in Disneyland Paris with his friend
Arkady, who behaves as a gentleman: should be everywhere
for the birthday girl and touching it patronizes. “Now we ride
the rides — shared the actress. — To get to Disneyland Paris is
not every child’s dream?”

Catherine is very kind
refers to daughters and spends her every free minute. All
what is relevant to Lisa Volkov takes under personal control, for example, star
very carefully approached the choice of the kindergarten.

Do not trust advertising,
Katya checked personally how the alleged benefit of a private
kindergartens correspond to reality.

“We Gusinoe promonitorili and
visited several kindergartens, — shared the actress. Soon
(hopefully) we will finish the house, you need to move and be prepared to take training
year. Near our future nest there are two gardens: the municipal and
private. Municipal everything is clear and so is Lisa right now in this goes,
only in Queen. But with a private garden had a lot of questions. Therefore, I will take
the role of the auditor (forgive me, Lena Flying).
The claimed benefits of kindergarten are impressive: languages (English and
Chinese with native speakers), sport (promise that will be well-known athletes
to teach), work (classes in sculpting, visual art, rhythm,
music, pottery and other workshops, a theater with a huge stage with
professional sound and light, master classes by celebrities). Powered by
a high level chef. Professional training in music and dance.
During our informal visit to the open day
there will be the casting of “fidgets” and “jumble” Grachevsky”.