Ekaterina Volkova decided on a name for the baby

Екатерина Волкова определилась с именем для малыша
Puppy foundling actress called Runet.

Екатерина Волкова определилась с именем для малыша

Ekaterina Volkova

Andrey Karpov

Ekaterina Volkova decided to name the new family member
mestizo German shepherd, which the actress was found on the street.

“Remember, I wrote that we have gained another pet, thanks to Bo (dog breed Akito Innu, which gave Kate a loving husband
ed.)? — shared star “Voronin”. — I asked you how it
call. Report: puppy foundling we call Ru. Just Ru. Full name —
The Internet, because the Internet all together, chose the name of the dog. By the way, she and Beau —
best friends. Bo as a senior fellow cares about Ru.”

It Bo a month ago, saved the weakened puppy, finding that baby is literally in the middle of the field. “We went with Bo to walk the grounds of the house in the field, to run about and
applied plenty, — said the actress. — He fled to the middle of the field and froze.
Thought the hare saw his name name is, and he’s not moving, and then completely fell
on the ground and not getting up. We went and saw the miracle: Bo lay next to a small
the puppy and as if we didn’t drag, didn’t move. Lay down and began to warm and
then took sandpaper and carried towards the house. That’s what it is? Instinct? Even
animals are not throw her in difficult times. So, this miracle baby now
Bo, and Lisa says that we are lovers, and we have a dog house. While the puppy is no
nicknames. The breed is also not clear, maybe a Rottweiler, maybe a German shepherd or just
“the yard-Terrier”.