Екатерина Волкова раскритиковала российских рэперов Star doesn’t understand why the tracks of such artists popular among the youth. Volkov published a long post in the microblogging condemning the activities of Purulent, Kryptonite and many other teen idols.

Actress Ekaterina Volkova monitors trends in fashion and music. Most celebrities use the iPhone, so download music from the iTunes store. Star of the TV series “Voronin” has decided to rate the tracks that gained popularity among users of online store.

According to Volkova, all rappers whose songs hit the top downloaded songs, followed the example of “Mushrooms”. “I can not write about laws, which can be traced from song to song, and indeed off the charts. I remembered all the big hits of recent times. What LJ that the Pharaoh that Pharaoh, Purulent (Yes, I too would like to know, all antichip) that Hook: all girls appear in texts only as Chicks and so on. From which I conclude – it has become part of the subculture of “Vkontakte”, and mainstream!” – Ekaterina said.

Volkov outraged that rappers are so disrespectful to girls. In the song “Minimal” LJ featured a line where the author said that all girls are equal.

“Know! No matter how sound the words vanilla, you are unique, each in their own way! And badboy that you are so tempting, it is insecure guys who are into each other want to prove something in his coterie, in your yard! And they probably dumped by some girl, so they are taking revenge for the pain the world,” came to the defense of Volkov.

Many followers supported her point of view. “I like your thinking, fully agree with the opinion. Feel sorry for girls who have not yet understood what was happening”, “the Golden words!”, “American performers started this topic, our mindlessly picked up, unfortunately,” – said in comments to the post.

Rap is experiencing a new wave of popularity in our country. Young guys 20-30 years win recognition million, taking provocative clips or arranging VERSUS battles. Many pop stars and rock also follow the progress of rappers. For example, the release of Pink Phloyd the Pharaoh liked by the public.

“These songs sound from the torn social dynamics of a stuck Elevator. Shines a lonely star. School life is the school captains, as he sang Fedor Chistyakov 30 years ago. (…) Here has changed everything except the initiation rituals — the blood and the sperm, smoke and fire water. Full Pink Floyd. Eternal return” – he described his work Sergey Shnurov.