Ekaterina Volkova complained to the whims of a daughter

Екатерина Волкова пожаловалась на капризы дочки
The actress is faced with an atypical behavior of the child.

Ekaterina Volkova with her daughter Lisa

Photo: @volkovihome Instagram

Problems star parents are no different from the problems of “average” families. Every parent sooner or later faces the whims of the child. The daughter of Catherine Volkova decided to test the nerves of parents on durability. Six-year-old Elizabeth really wanted to have a house rabbit, but she was denied this pleasure. Then she floated reception “childish tantrum”, which is known to be triggered in most cases.

“Hysteria was such that even the “tough” female freaks Andrew realized that the dispose call will come. Just grabbed the baby and rushed at the petting zoo. We thought that the child will willfully and calm down, but no, — said Ekaterina. — There are children’s whims — light. And there are those that really do not stop and do not agree. I’m a simple man — I believe that rabbits are smelly (forgive me, rabbit fans) and that in our house for the maximum allowable number of animals. But believe me, the child was all day depressed, so they met with Andrew for some reason on the fish on the way home. How? Why? What’s the connection? Well, okay… in Short, the child begs, wants a rabbit anyway!”

Catherine was able to “keep the defense” but she doubts that she has enough strength to cope with the child’s whim. Just in case, she began to study the features of joint life with a rabbit. Incidentally, in the house of Volkova and so there are many animals: three dogs and a cat. And the funny thing about this story is that until recently, Catherine was totally against animals in the house.

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