Ekaterina Volkova: “Children in our house will be two”

Екатерина Волкова: «Детских в нашем доме будет две»
Star “Voronin” and her husband Andrey Karpov decided to move out of town.

Екатерина Волкова: «Детских в нашем доме будет две»

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Three years ago the star “Voronin” Ekaterina Volkova and her husband, Andrei Karpov, the family Council decided that I wanted to live outside the city. “Selecting the site, we have a mortgage, and the Saga began,” says the actress.

“The house we bought was a two-story, — says Catherine. For the first time once inside, Andrey and I went upstairs and found a huge attic, got the idea to make a full third floor. Dreamed of: here is a cinema and here is the guest room. I insisted that there is a place for Laundry. Will wash, iron, hang the Laundry upstairs so it will be an eyesore to the guests.” Daughter Catherine Lisa also chosen on the third floor of the corner of his toy Kingdom. The couple long to decide how much you need to penetrate the roof Windows to let light enough. Eventually settled on twelve. I ordered a mansard, with thick glass, so that in winter they can withstand the weight of snow.

Екатерина Волкова: «Детских в нашем доме будет две»

“The house was two story, but we got the idea to make the attic the third floor”

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

The second floor has three bedrooms: a matrimonial bedroom and two children’s to be able to place children and friends who come to visit. At first it was decided to make the game close to living room and dining room. “The space downstairs we want to leave as open as possible. The fireplace flows nicely into the dining room and the kitchen. Now it is important to quickly do away with dirty and dusty work. After all, without the chandelier it is possible to live, “light Ilyich” is a good chance,” laughs Catherine.

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  • Екатерина Волкова: «Детских в нашем доме будет две»
    Yekaterina Valeryevna Volkova

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Екатерина Волкова: «Детских в нашем доме будет две»

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Екатерина Волкова: «Детских в нашем доме будет две»

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