Екатерину Волкову осудили за постыдный недостаток
The actress confessed that foul language.

Ekaterina Volkova

Photo: @volkovihome Instagram Ekaterina Volkova

Many people associate Ekaterina Volkova with her character in the TV series “Voronin” — through a “proper” housewife. But recently, the actress confessed that in real life, like all people, has its drawbacks. As it turned out, the most shameful “minus” Catherine is a profanity. Volkova said that she loves sometimes in the company of friends swear. Artist dedicated to the use of swear words in the speech of a publication in the microblog.

“Yes, sometimes swear. Shame, but it’s my fault. I do not respect, someone swearing loudly, among strangers and in front of the kids. It is permissible in your company, where you will understand and forgive.Although in my company the people who are so nice foul language that is a pleasure to listen to it, well, I swear! Someone is still going, some don’t. The children is not strongly, by the way. So if I read in the Teens, you know. It looks ridiculous and not cool as you think! All the time!” — says Catherine.

For fans of this revelation 36-year-old Volkova was an unpleasant surprise. Many people write comments that coming from the girl should not be heard using foul language. “I believe that the Mat never comes” and “the Children of parents grow up swearing in swearing teenagers, it’s simple!”. However, some fans of Catherine came to the defense of the beloved actress. A writing that for a creative person the use of the Mat is equal to the needs or even the need for self-expression.