Екатерину Волкову довели до слез в эфире телешоу
The actress gave a Frank interview.

Ekaterina Volkova

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “My hero”

Ekaterina Volkova is usually quite reserved in public. But the actress broke down in tears in front of the entire country. In conversation with Tatyana Ustinova, the actress, talking about their youthful dreams and present failures, unable to restrain his emotions. Volkova said that was a very long way to popularity. The actress admitted: finished theatrical Institute with honors, she was for many years trying to “get” for themselves at least the role in the crowd. Time after time, Catherine heard the cracks. Volkova was not interested, and Metropolitan theatres. Her dream is to work in “the contemporary” remained unfulfilled.

“I cried… Left the profession four times. I passed the auditions, and then I was off to the stage producers. If the producer says Yes, the Director is no. But if the Director and producer of “for”, make sure the channel is up against. Always something going…” — said Catherine.

Having not the first attempts of casting in the sitcom “Voroniny” Ekaterina was in euphoria and had hoped that now her life will be other projects. But it took a lot of time, and Volkov began to pour offers coveted roles in the movie. Each time something prevented the actress to complete his filmography interesting screen images. She admits that the realization of some of the “uselessness” of the profession is quite concerned about her. Catherine does not hide that for a long time just wants to get out of the fame, and her to play something extraordinary. “I would love to play unlikable characters. I think in a negative character you have open field for activities. But do not give. Everyone can see me kind and wonderful mom. Ready for anything, even to be “homeless”. I’m not afraid to be ugly…” — said the actress.

Probably, therefore, at the end of the program “My hero” Tatiana Ustinova wish Catherine every success in your career. “You really are all ahead. That’s not comforting and not our imagination with Stas by Doinikov. It’s true. You are a wonderful girl and very good actress!” — cheered Tatiana Catherine. The actress, having heard these desired words in the address, could not restrain his emotions and burst into tears.