Ekaterina Vilkova is forced to beg for gifts from the husband

Екатерина Вилкова вынуждена выпрашивать подарки у мужа The actress admits that her husband does not indulge her with a gift. Ekaterina Vilkova even repeatedly staged tantrums to get what they want, despite the fact that he does not believe this approach is correct.

      Actress Catherine Vilkova from time to time bragging about your spouse on social networks and not hide how she was lucky to find a man. The actress and her husband Ilya Lyubimov and mother of two children – the daughter of Paul and son of Peter. A little more than five years of marriage, Catherine admits that not so often favorite spoils her with gifts. In order to get the coveted gift, she has to go for some feminine wiles.

      “A couple of times I even arranged a hysterics with women’s tears. But in that moment, when I cry, do you know how stupid it looks. And actually for me there is no sense that, having cried, I’ll ask him this bouquet – says Catherine, adding that this method is very effective. — Yes, in principle that is what he does: the woman-fool for you anything you want!”

      Ekaterina is delighted that her husband has freed her from her household chores, but because she has more time to relax and spend free time with children. When the artist at work, with the kids watching the nanny, and for the purity meets the housekeeper. However, the actress is no stranger to chores.

      “Sometimes wakes up a Cinderella. I want to carefully scrub the kitchen, clean the cabinets, disassemble all on shelves. Sometimes it gives me pleasure. Wipe the stove where no one cooks, but the dust that settles. Vacuum the apartment. And then a boost of energy to get from a sense of accomplishment — proud of myself. For some reason, I love household chores to do at night when no one bothers me,” says Vilkova.

      The actress is glad that her husband – her soulmate. Vilkova recognized that can speak with Ilya on any topic, share experiences, complain. Elect of the actress is ready to do everything to make his wife happy. Catherine it’s nice that she doesn’t have to deal with the bills for the apartment and do other paperwork. She is happy that her husband copes with these issues and not fighting with him for leadership in the family .

      “Well, he was older, almost old man. He has a deep voice and sometimes he comes across as a very serious person. He understands exactly what he wants and pretends he knows everything,” admitted Vilkova in an interview Womanhit.