Ekaterina Vilkova intermarried with Irina Rozanova

Екатерина Вилкова породнилась с Ириной Розановой
The actress was shocked by the betrayal of colleagues.

Екатерина Вилкова породнилась с Ириной Розановой

Ekaterina Vilkova

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Екатерина Вилкова породнилась с Ириной Розановой

Irina Rozanova

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Ekaterina Vilkova recently
calls Irina Rozanov mom. So the actress turns to his colleague in new
work — the set of the TV series “mom’s in sports,” where she plays the daughter
Rozanova. Shooting started recently in one of the Moscow apartments where
the heroine lives Vilkova.

In the story, 17-year-old Vera (Ekaterina Vilkova) was
all the gold in the competition,
beloved one, beloved daddy, mother is a swimming coach. But after
betrayal mom at one point from
Faith floated all her a successful life: the girl suddenly leaves the sport
and left alone with a baby.
15 years later she is a successful coach,
among her wards and her son Cyril. Only the past
don’t let go Faith and presents a tempting offer. And now the former
the champion will have to face not only
with the cunning of his mother, ready to do anything for a big
victories, but also the ex-lover, who headed a national team on swimming. Originally
the heroine Irina Rozanova — coach Alla Gordeeva — appeared only in the memories
Faith. But then the authors decided to “resurrect” the character and intensify the conflict between mother
and daughter.

“Of course, I was attracted to the strong character of my heroine.
She is a coach, and, in my opinion, these people have the will power, know how to find
a common language with children, love them, but do not iron on the head. Sometimes you need
rigidity, without it in any way. However, any actor will tell you that he is a lawyer, his
role. Yes and no is simply good or bad person: in each there is something, and
more. So we try to in our history, things didn’t work out
simple as it seems at first glance”, says Rozanov. .

Initially, the athlete
Faith was older, but after a successful trial of Ekaterina Vilkova, the writers
decided to rejuvenate her character. In addition, the actress has already played the daughter of Irina
Rozanova in another project.

“It’s great when the next talented partner that you
already managed to “feel” and which were the relations not only on
the set, but in life. With Ira’s very cool to exist in the frame — for
me is a great success,” admitted Catherine.

Unlike her
heroine actress rarely choose to pool. “I can’t call myself
a big fan of swimming, but my husband Ilya probably would have stayed to live in
water. By the way, in the series, I will be able to catch up and finally learn
to swim professionally, and not “in-pensioner”, as I now know,” joked Catherine on the site.

Experience the practice that
is the breaststroke and freestyle, have managed her on-screen son Daniel Cutino, which is specially
the role went swimming in the sports complex CSKA. “While better than me jump from the side” — shared

Not far behind the younger
colleagues and Paul Trubiner, who played
Andrei Nikitin — the bronze medalist and ex-lover of Faith. “I try to go to individual
workout three to four times a week, — he told, — And in fact, such training swimmers
lasts forty-five minutes, and my one hour and twenty minutes. And this, of course,
hard.” Before filming, the actor consulted with his son Paul, who, by the way, studies on
coach motocross: “I really
lucidly explained some of the nuances associated with the technique of swimming. Do my
sons of the good swim, although not linked their lives with this sport.
Just yesterday, a senior said to me: “Let’s double-hundred?” And I say — you
the mind is first to swim to marker and then back, not pull.”

Working on the script
the authors attended a swimming competition and he applied for advice to the honored coach of Russia Viktor Korshunova and three-time European champion Stanislav Komarova.
By the way, scenes of training, and aquatic competitions will be held in the sports Palace “Triumph”
in Lyubertsy and the Palace of water sports “Ruza”,
where trained by real Champions.

According to tradition, after
the first of the scenes directed by Sergei Arlanov (the Team) broke the plate and said parting words: “Today we literally go to
the four-month voyage with the big sports project. But, unlike
“Junior”, telling about the men’s team sports, our new story about
the singles and confrontation between two strong women: mother and daughter”.

Ekaterina Vilkova And Anton Fedotov, Sergey Arlanov, Danila Akutin

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

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