Ekaterina Vasilyeva – the earthly and the heavenly

Екатерина Васильева – земная и небесная My meeting with the actress, in the Arsenal which has more than 130 roles, the infinite love of the audience and understanding his ways.

    Екатерина Васильева – земная и небесная

    Even if, as in her youth, Ekaterina Vasilyeva called herself an atheist, her talent is like a gift from above. And although the great Russian actress doesn’t like to remember those days, when all Directors wanted to get her on the set, and trying to remain incognito, often prayed in the suburban Church, any man who Ekaterina Sergeevna, brightens the face. Because Vasiliev is amazing – she immediately and earthly, and heavenly. Enrolling in VGIK, went all the folly of youth creative environment, and in the second year was even expelled. Guilt Kati was not in it. It’s just she’s the only one of the students expressed to the master, people’s artist and laureate of the Stalin prize, who showed up only on payday, that would be nice to start to teach them. After learning about the incident, who returned from a trip Sergei Gerasimov ordered talented girl on course to recover, the laureate of the Stalin prize was dismissed at his own request.

    Екатерина Васильева – земная и небесная

    And the story, as in Ekaterina Vasilyeva simultaneously in love with two friends – Edward Volodarsky and Sergei Solovyov? Moreover, the first receiving a proposal of marriage failure, but having found out that Soloviev in the role of wife for Vasilyeva much more interesting, I called a friend and explained that submits an offer to him. “Said if not, you’ll Solov’evskaya,” said Vasiliev. After several years of marriage the Director and the actress broke up, but still retain a warm relationship. When I remind that Ekaterina Sergeevna about one interview where she admits that she leads a very simple life “, or the temple, or house, children, grandchildren and a lot of work”, and with a sense of add: “still you remain mega!”, she retorted: “I’m mega! Here are my cine or stage partners Porechenkov, A. Kalyagin – Yes!” And then with a smile says about Michael Porechenkova: “How I love this man! Here I watch is some mayonnaise and cry!”

    Then it turns out that the son of Ekaterina, Dmitri, rector of the Moscow temple of Prelate Nikolay on Three Mountains, with Porechenkova had met mom, he baptized the youngest son of actor. In General, Archpriest Dmitry Roshchin figure in the Orthodox capital is known. In his ward all feel like one happy family. Who is the father of Dmitry, to the delight of his mother, eight children of her own and many godchildren. However, the number of latest Ekaterina Vasilyeva long-godmother character. She says that there used to be 27, but six died.

    Sadly recalls Vladislav Galkin, and on the other his godson, Nicholas Efremov (son of Eugenia Dobrovolskaya and Mikhail Efremov), says: “nikolasha is the kindest and most amazingly open person. Among today’s young people is such a rarity!” By the way, your name this godson Vasilyeva also owes a great actress. Eugene Dobrovolskaya told me that she didn’t like the name Nicholas, but after she had seen “Ivanov” at the Moscow art Theater, which starred Ekaterina Vasilyeva and Innokenty Smoktunovsky (the main character whose name was Niko), everything fell into place.

    “I’m a happy man – says me Ekaterina, I got no contradictions that sometimes people eat. All the puzzles in my life”.