Ekaterina Varnava has changed beyond recognition

Екатерина Варнава изменилась до неузнаваемости
Star Comedy Woman surprised fans with a new image.

Yekaterina Varnava

Photo: press service of TNT

new season Comedy Woman, which will premiere on October 27
TNT, Ekaterina Barnabas not only showed brilliant stretch, but
appeared in an unexpected way
changed her beyond recognition.

The audience
used to seeing Ekaterina Varnava in the image of the glamorous girls will be
extremely surprised at the unexpected reincarnation of the actress… coach of the women’s
the American team
in cheerleading the Soviet era! Old tracksuit and a wig a La
“Soviet housewife” changed Ekaterina Varnava almost
recognition. However, issues favorite actress her brilliant physical
shape and luxurious stretch, she showed
in one of the rooms of the splits.

the surprises of the new season will not end. Spectators are expected not only
new images of your favorite contestants of the show, but also new faces: to the “Golden composition”
Comedy Woman join
three new participants Tamara Turawa, Tovstoles Valeria and Alina
Kosharna. Updates touched and the Studio: in the new season of the show has moved to a new room.

changes in Comedy Woman dedicated to the double anniversary. This year
the female Comedy show in the country celebrates 10 years and new
the season will be the 10th!