Ekaterina Strizhenova was struck by the weight-loss results

Екатерина Стриженова поразила результатами похудения Famous TV presenter gets rid of the excess weight in Kazan. Ekaterina Strizhenova struck fans results detox program, which she runs with her sister, designer Victoria and andrianovoy.

      Ekaterina Strizhenova continues to delight fans with slim figure. For many years she with a smile greets the morning in the First channel. The cheerful shape of a star awakens viewers of the program “Good morning”. Fans never cease to amaze me how the media personality manages to look great and keep your weight normal.

      A week ago Strizhenova went to Kazan to pass there is a special course for weight loss. The company Catherine was the sister of the designer Victoria Andrejanova. Relatives supported each other, worked together in sports, dieting and dropping excess weight. Today Strizhenova shared their positive results.

      “Let me sum up: 7 days of detox left 5 pounds (we did not starve, and ate from a special menu). Passed the test for compatibility of products, will learn to live without cheese, chocolate and watermelon!!! And thanks to my sister Victoria Andreyanova that have sustained me for a week,” shared joy Strizhenova.

      Video published Strizhenova Catherine (@strizhenovae) Jul 20 2016 at 2:42 PDT

      It is noteworthy that many fans of the star was inspired by her example. They admired the strength of will of Catherine and her desire to look perfect. Followers hastened to make Strizhenovoj compliments.

      “Catherine, I love you and respect you for your honesty, positivity and hard work! You are my idol! Health and well-being of all your family”, “It’s good that there are results. Good for you, just watch yourself! This is the right example for many women. But I do not quite understand, why give up a watermelon?”, “Kate, you are a wonderful example to follow! Thank You for your smile! Spirits rise at the sight of You”, “Thank you for sharing with us the experience! You look beautiful”, “You’re so beautiful and organic, where You to lose weight? This looks amazing,” wrote Catherine fans.

      Yekaterina Strizhenova is rapidly losing weight on a special technique

      To many questions about why from the menu to exclude watermelons, the presenter gave a concise answer. “Here, I gave blood to test for compatibility of products, and he showed what products should be abandoned for three months. Roughly speaking, I’m “allergic,” she said. Subscribers will strizhenovoj took the words of the star note.

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