Ekaterina Strizhenova got myself an exotic vacation

Екатерина Стриженова устроила себе экзотические каникулы
TV presenter with her husband went to Vietnam.

Екатерина Стриженова устроила себе экзотические каникулы

Ekaterina and Aleksandr Strizhenov

Photo: @Instagram strizhenovae Catherine Strizhenova

After many
Russian celebrities to rest closer to the sea went and married
pair Stroganovyh. However, unlike many other stars for a small
holidays Alexander and Catherine chose one of the most exotic destinations —

Recently the couple
Strizhenov settled in a luxury hotel on the picturesque coast of Vietnam.
The resort offers tourists to completely relax from the hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in
privacy. However, Catherine herself may have already noticed that their chosen
resting place fits the description. “A feeling that we are here
all alone!!!” — shared with fans Strizhenova. By the way, the resort where
relax the couple is also famous for its restorative procedures on
the local herbs and oils. So that Catherine can fully
to restore health and gain strength for the future.

Catherine Strizhenova

Photo: @Instagram strizhenovae Catherine Strizhenova

For the presenter this holiday was really long-awaited. Indeed, in recent years Catherine was so much work that her children — daughter Nastya and Sasha, in her own opinion, had been neglected by mother. Now, when the girls grew up, it would seem that children must only please the absence of parents at home. But not in the family Stroganovyh. They are all so much attached to each other that any free minute I try to spend together.

By the way, some time ago, Catherine had decided to withdraw the accumulated stress change of hairstyle. TV presenter decided on a radical change of image — made a short hairstyle. “I was snipped. — jokingly complained to Catherine. — Such a short haircut I have never had!”.

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