Ekaterina Strizhenova first became a grandmother

Екатерина Стриженова впервые стала бабушкой In late March, a famous TV presenter celebrated the day of birth. She turned 50 years old. A few weeks after the anniversary in the life of Catherine and Alexander Strizhenovy there was another happy event. Daughter Anastasia gave birth to the couples first child.

30-year-old daughter Catherine and Alexander Strizhenovy Anastasia became a mother for the first time. A young woman told about the joyous event in social networks. Anastasia and her husband, financier Peter Grishchenko was born adorable son. The boy was born in early April. Anastasia decided to name the child Peter, in honour of the spouse.

“Today I am 30. I am in euphoria… Peter, thank you for Pete, son Peter, son, thank you for making me the happiest mum in the world, as the whole 10 days! Mom and dad, thank you that you gave me such an incredible life. And Yes, happiness love peace, but I want to scream today about love,” shared a young woman on Instagram.

Subscribers Anastasia greeted her with a replenishment of the family and wished the baby to grow up healthy and happy, to the delight of parents. In addition, they left warm wishes to a young mother celebrating a birthday on Friday, April 13. “Awesome news,” “the Main thing is to keep your family healthy”, “Bang”, “Let Peter be the coolest kid”, “the Son is the pride of”, “Less sleepless nights”, commented friends of the daughter of the presenter.

That Ekaterina Strizhenova will become a grandmother for the first time, she said in the program “Evening Urgant”, released in late March. Before coming to the Studio of the popular program, TV star and her husband Alexander Strizhenov tried not to advertise the forthcoming replenishment of the family. Talking with Ivan Urgant, Ekaterina admitted that she has a great relationship with his son. Husband of Anastasia calls a celebrity “mother-in-law dreams”. Strizhenova even sent Peter Grishchenko kiss from the screen.

The eldest daughter Anastasia star couple got married in 2013. Before you decide to legalize the relationship, young people met several years. The couple met in Tenerife. Fateful meeting took place at the disco. Two years later Catherine and Alexander first met Anastasia’s chosen, when he turned over the girl in new year’s eve. In 2011 Peter took a sweetheart offer hands and hearts.

The wedding ceremony of lovers was held in a narrow circle of relatives and friends. The couple were married in the temple, where at one time passed the rite, the parents of Anastasia. Then the couple staged a magnificent Banquet in the restaurant. Wedding replied the older Strizhenov. Preparing for an important event took about six months.