Ekaterina Strizhenova admitted that, going to the registry office, there is little understood

Екатерина Стриженова призналась, что, отправляясь в ЗАГС, мало что понимала
Alexander with his wife said velvet wedding.

Catherine and Alexander Strizhenov


The family of Catherine and Alexander Strizhenovy recently celebrated a joyous event. The couple celebrated the anniversary of their wedding: from the wedding day couples it’s been 29 years!

Its velvet the wedding of Catherine and Alexander celebrated with a trip to the restaurant and unexpected recognition of the presenter. As it turned out, in retrospect, Strizhenova can confidently say that they did not expect the consequences of their decision to sign. After all, if it relied solely on the test strong feelings to Alexander. Gain wisdom, Catherine condescendingly refers to the misunderstanding of the importance of such crucial decisions.

“29 years ago we went to the registry office! What we knew then? No-th-th! Only that we love and want to be together…” — openly stated Strizhenova. However, as time has shown Catherine in choosing a life partner was right. In addition, the star shared a photo taken during a romantic dinner with my husband, who is still looking with loving eyes. Close friends of the couple and fans wished the spouses is still so much to be together in a happy marriage.

Recall that during the joint lives of Catherine and Alexander were born two beautiful daughters: Anastasia and Alexander. The eldest heir three years ago has gone away and now with her husband, Peter Grishchenko live in new York, and the youngest not long ago, he decided to try himself as a model.